On International Women’s Day 2024 is the time to honor the achievements of women and recognize the challenges they face globally. It’s a day to celebrate the progress made towards gender equality and to renew commitments to further empower women in all aspects of life. On this day, we acknowledge the contributions of women in various fields, from politics to science, art to business and from home to office. It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness about issues like gender-based violence and discrimination that still persist. International Women’s Day serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting equal rights and opportunities for women everywhere, paving the way for a more inclusive and just society.

Women empowerment means giving women the power to make their own choices and have control over their lives. It’s about ensuring that women have the same opportunities as men to succeed and be treated fairly. This includes things like education, jobs, and being able to speak up for themselves. When women are empowered, they can make a big difference in their families, communities, and the world. It’s important to support and encourage women to reach their full potential so that everyone can benefit from their skills and talents.

Below are the Top 11 women Entrepreneurs stand out for their vision, leadership, and determination. Through their bold initiatives and unwavering commitment, they’re not just building successful businesses, but also paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Top 11 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region

1) Sarah Nouh:

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region
Sarah Nouh

At a remarkably young age, Sarah Nouh exemplifies what it means to be a future entrepreneur, leader, and trailblazer in the field of Architectural Engineering. Her educational odyssey began at the German School in Cairo, where she nurtured a keen appreciation for precision, discipline, and a broad worldview. Sarah’s outstanding academic performance propelled her to Germany, where she excelled in her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architectural Engineering at one of the most esteemed universities in the nation. This comprehensive education imbued her with state-of-the-art knowledge and proficiencies in design and project management, areas she passionately pursues. Now, as she commences her professional journey with one of the premier Engineering Consulting Companies in Berlin, Sarah is poised to spearhead innovation in architecture. Her dedication to sustainable development is more than a professional endeavor; it’s her contribution to forging a future where our built environment harmonizes with the planet. Celebrating future leaders this Women’s Day, Sarah Nouh stands out as a paragon of commitment, learning, and creative thought, poised to influence significant and sustainable transformations in architecture. Her transition from Cairo’s classrooms to Berlin’s avant-garde architectural sphere highlights her entrepreneurial spirit, readiness to lead, and commitment to establishing new benchmarks in sustainable architecture.


Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region

The world continues to face high risks from climate changes and moral hazard. Now more than ever, we need the collective power of diverse talent in an inclusive community to make a positive difference.

RACHA MOUKAYED Website and Linked


Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region

The payment space in 2024 is defined by transformative trends with a significant impact on efficiency, innovation, and accessibility. The integration of generative AI in banking is set to revolutionize productivity and revenue, with an expected increase in productivity by 20–30% and revenue by around 6%. This revolution involves a shift towards digital-first strategies, including the rise of digital wallets, which are predicted to dominate over half of all e-commerce payments by 2024, marking a move away from traditional card-based transactions. At the same time, the industry is grappling with the implications of digital currencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), predicted to disrupt the financial landscape over the next two decades. These innovations, coupled with efforts to enhance financial inclusion through mobile technology, signal a shift towards more inclusive, efficient, and secure payment ecosystems. The focus on financial inclusion is particularly evident in developing countries, where mobile devices provide crucial access to payment systems for the unbanked population, highlighting the sector’s role in fostering digitally enabled and inclusive economies.

My intro

In the spirit of making every day a celebration of women’s achievements, Nadine A. Jaafar, a payments industry champ, champions the cause of women with vigor and vision. With two decades under her belt, she’s been a beacon of gender equality, fostering an environment where empowerment is the daily bread. Mentorship? Check. Career elevation? Double check. Nadine’s initiated networks like The Lawyers Business Group of Dubai to create a powerhouse of support and networking for women, making the climb to success a group effort. Her optimism for women’s future in the workforce is infectious. She’s all for backing women-led initiatives and breaking down barriers for women entrepreneurs, knowing well that access to resources and funding is the golden ticket. Nadine’s dedication is a roadmap to a future where equity and prosperity are inseparable, leading the charge with advocacy, support, and a whole lot of heart.

NADINE A. JAAFAR website and Linkedin

4) Soha Chahine:

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region
Soha Chahine

As the Founder of Forward Training and Consulting, I proudly dedicate myself to cultivating growth, emotional intelligence, resilience, and agility in individuals and organizations. With an extensive background spanning over a decade in corporate HR, I bring profound expertise to the table, enabling professionals to thrive in the ever-evolving work landscape.

In this celebration of women worldwide, let’s recognize the significance of fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can flourish, regardless of gender. Empowering women is not just a mission; it’s a catalyst for positive change in both society and the workplace.

Soha Chahine website and Linkedin

5) Reem Kassem:

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region
Reem kassem

Meet Reem Kassem, a powerhouse in the world of arts and culture. Currently the Head of Performing Arts at the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, she’s a Ph.D. student at the University of West Scotland and the founder of Agora for Arts & Culture.

With a stellar career, Reem Kassem has been a driving force in cultural programming since 2003, holding key roles globally. Recognized for her excellence, she’s a Chevening Scholar, ISPA Fellow, and a recipient of prestigious awards like the Pioneer of Egypt and Anna Lindh Award.

As the co-founder of Basita.live and founding director of AGORA, she’s reshaping the arts landscape. Her journey reflects resilience, passion, and a commitment to empowering communities.

Reem Kassem website and Linkedin

6) Gabriela Sanchez-Silva:

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region
Gabriela Sánchez-Silva

Gabriela Sanchez-Silva, CMO of MariCoin, the first social currency of the LGBT community, states from Miami that “we, through Maricoin, champion the fight against discrimination, which today women continue to suffer in all areas, which is the same that has been suffered for decades in the LGBT community.

7) Malasya Serrano:

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region
Malasya Serrano

Malasya Serrano, Chief Community Officer of MariCoin and member of AEGAL (the Spanish Association of Gay and Lesbian Companies and Professionals), adds that “Maricoin inherits and shares feminism’s fight and adds LGBT pride to it”. He defends that “all fronts are important, but the entrepreneurial and business front also fights discrimination, in one of the main challenges: the glass ceiling that both women and the LGBT community have always been imposed by male chauvinists and homophobes”.

8) Patricia Magaña:

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Leading In Their Region
Patricia Magaña

From Maricoin – concludes Patricia Magaña, director of communication of the project – we can do nothing but call for the sorority of all women, and the extension of this same sorority to all discriminated minorities, and singularly, in our case, to the LGBT community, and more singularly today, to lesbians and trans women.

9) Kamales Lardi:

Kamales Lardi

Kamales Lardi: Pioneering Inclusivity and Innovation in the Business World


In the bustling city of Zurich, Switzerland, stands a beacon of modern workplace culture and leadership: Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH. Founded 12 years ago by the visionary CEO Kamales Lardi, the boutique consulting firm has reshaped the paradigm of business consulting with its groundbreaking working model. Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024, this article shines a spotlight on Kamales Lardi’s extraordinary contributions to both business and society, emphasizing her role as an inclusive and innovative leader.


Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH was born out of a vision to challenge the status quo of traditional consulting firms. Kamales Lardi, with her forward-thinking approach, aimed to create a company that not only excelled in delivering high-quality client engagements but also fostered an inclusive, hyper-personalized work environment. This vision was built on four foundational principles: embracing digital transformation, gaining cross-regional global access, creating an inclusive work environment, and ensuring high-quality client engagements.


Kamales Lardi’s leadership style is a testament to the power of empathy in business. Employees at Lardi & Partner Consulting often highlight the genuine care and respect they receive, which is a direct reflection of Lardi’s empathetic approach. The empathic leadership approach she practices makes employees feel valued and understood, fostering a supportive work environment unique to the firm.


Under Kamales Lardi’s stewardship, Lardi & Partner Consulting has become a model for equality and respect in the workplace. The company treats every individual with unparalleled equality, regardless of their position or background. This culture of respect has redefined employees’ views of what a healthy work culture should embody, making the firm a beacon for modern workplaces.


The adoption of digital innovation is another area where Kamales Lardi has led the firm to new heights. By embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, Lardi & Partner Consulting has proved that productivity and collaboration are not confined to traditional office spaces. This flexibility allows the team to work globally, staying connected more than ever, and is a game-changer in today’s fast-paced business world.


Valuing personal time is another cornerstone of the work culture at Lardi & Partner Consulting. Overworking is not celebrated but rather viewed with concern. The leadership, guided by Kamales Lardi’s principles, ensures that employees have a balanced work-life integration, respecting and valuing their personal time.


The firm also stands out for its supportive community. The collective spirit at Lardi & Partner Consulting ensures that workload pressures are managed with mutual respect and understanding. The smooth process for taking time off or vacations is based on empathy and flexibility, not bureaucracy.


In an innovative move, Lardi & Partner Consulting has extended its digital-first approach by inviting clients and employees to explore its office in the metaverse. This initiative, reflective of Kamales Lardi’s commitment to digital innovation, offers a unique way to connect and understand the firm’s culture in the evolving digital landscape.


Kamales Lardi’s leadership at Lardi & Partner Consulting is a shining example of how empathy, equality, and flexibility can transform a workplace. Her contributions to business and society go beyond the success of her firm; they serve as a blueprint for organizations worldwide to foster a more inclusive and innovative work environment. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Kamales Lardi’s impact is a powerful reminder of the change that visionary leadership can bring to the business world.

Kamales Lardi: Website and Linked

10) Anamaria Meshkurti:

Anamaria Meshkurti

AnaMaria Meshkurti: Pioneering the Future of Tech Investment and Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and investment, AnaMaria Meshkurti stands as a luminary figure, navigating the complex terrain with finesse and vision. As a Tech Investor and Strategic Board Member at AMVS Capital, Meshkurti’s journey is not just a testament to her prowess in the field but also a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the intersection of innovation and finance.

A Strategic Mind at AMVS Capital:

Meshkurti’s role at AMVS Capital places her at the forefront of strategic decision-making, where her insights and acumen contribute to the success of the firm. As a Tech Investor, she not only identifies promising investment opportunities but also plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of AMVS Capital, ensuring that the firm remains a key player in the ever-expanding tech investment landscape.

Fueling Innovation at FONGIT:

Prior to her role at AMVS Capital, Meshkurti served as the Head of Marketing, Communications, and Engagement at FONGIT ( The Geneva Foundation for Technology Innovation, part of the Swiss Government), a pivotal position that highlighted her dedication to fostering innovation. As the premier Swiss technology startup innovation platform and incubator, FONGIT provided Meshkurti with a platform to support and nurture technology startups, particularly those based in Geneva or looking to establish roots in the canton.

Startup Mentorship and Advocacy:

Meshkurti’s commitment to innovation extends beyond her corporate roles, as she has emerged as a seasoned mentor for startups focusing on emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, XR, and the Metaverse. Her role as a guest judge in high-profile events like the Experience Accelerators Future of Work Hackathon and the UN AI for Good Global Summit Innovation Factory underscores her commitment to identifying and supporting the next generation of disruptive technologies.

United Nations Stewardship:

Meshkurti’s journey took a significant turn during her tenure at the United Nations (UN), where she served in the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Office for Europe. Responsible for shaping policies related to digital inclusion, skills development, gender equality, youth engagement, accessibility, and innovation, Meshkurti left an indelible mark on the global tech governance landscape.

Her leadership within the ITU Standardization Sector was marked by the conceptualization and management of the ITU Smart Incubator program, a groundbreaking initiative supporting emerging tech start-ups in developing countries. She also oversaw ITU-T’s non-statutory events, including workshops, seminars, and forums, showcasing her commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration within the global tech community.

Global Recognition and Impact:

Meshkurti’s influence extends far beyond her professional responsibilities. A sought-after speaker at international events, she shares her insights on innovation, digital skills, gender equality, youth empowerment, accessibility, and standardization. Her unwavering dedication has not gone unnoticed, earning her the prestigious UN ITU Innovation award and recognition as one of the top 100 Swiss Digital Shapers in both 2022 and 2023.

AnaMaria Meshkurti’s journey in the tech and investment spheres is a testament to her resilience, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to fostering innovation. As she continues to make waves, Meshkurti’s impact on the global tech landscape is sure to endure, leaving an indelible mark for future generations to follow. In the dynamic intersection of finance and technology, Meshkurti stands as a trailblazer, shaping the narrative and driving the future of innovation and investment.

If you want to connect with her reach out at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anamaria-meshkurti/

11) Prof. Sherley Louis:

Prof. Sherley Louis

Professor Sherley Louis Making Waves in MENA

Professor Sherley Louis is a highly esteemed Inclusion Specialist, English educator, and entrepreneur renowned for her commitment to education and empowerment, both in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Her remarkable achievements and global recognition highlight her as a true philanthropist making waves in the MENA region.

Recognition and Leadership in Education:

Professor Sherley has earned several prestigious awards, including the Most Intellectual Educator Award 2022 and the Most Inspiring Educator Award 2023 by Berkeley Middle East Dubai. Additionally, she was honored as one of the Global 200 Women Power Leaders 2024 by White Page International. These achievements highlight her exceptional leadership and dedication to the field of education.

Championing Inclusive Education:

As an Inclusion Specialist, Professor Sherley promotes high-quality education for all learners, including personalized services to parents and learners with special education needs and disabilities (SEND). Through her intervention programs, she shows the transformative power of inclusion in fostering social skills, emotional learning, cognition, and overall academic success.

Promoting Educator Well-being:

Recognizing the challenges facing educators worldwide, Professor Sherley initiated “Conversations with Prof. Sherley,” a series of free LinkedIn audio events and podcasts. Through these platforms, she shares strategies to safeguard educators’ joy and well-being, reaffirming her role as a visionary leader and advocate for education. Her motto, “Happy educators give happy students and happy parents,” emphasizes her commitment to well-being in education.

Making Learning English Easy for Busy Professionals:

Upon relocating to Dubai from the United States of America, Professor Sherley recognized the need to enhance language proficiency in the lives of busy professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Her efforts to distribute free English content, alongside Arabic translations, across social media platforms have been crucial in improving communication skills and fostering linguistic diversity.

Empowering Women to Speak English Confidently:

In 2023, Professor Sherley took her mission further by empowering women in the MENA region to pursue global business ventures confidently through her free Business English program.

She’s giving them the language and communication skills they need to succeed. By doing this, she’s not just helping individuals; she’s also contributing to the region’s economic growth and sustainability.

Prof. Sherley’s impact resonates globally, leaving a lasting impression on communities and individuals in the MENA region. Through her pioneering initiatives and commitment to education and empowerment, Professor Sherley continues to make waves and inspire positive change on a global scale.

Prof. Sherley Louis: Website and LinkedIn

Published: 8th March 2024

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