“Our focus extends beyond providing a professional service; we are in the business of selling an optimal experience!”

The Worlds Times: Explain your background and the business in detail.

Wassim Derbi: Possessing 15 years of prevalent management experience in variety of challenging roles within the automotive & citizenship by investment services industry in the United Arab Emirates. I kick-started my marketing education by earning a bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s University in Canada and polished this expertise by obtaining an MBA from the United States of America in 2011.

Throughout my career, I collaborated with an array of esteemed automotive brands, including Hyundai, Genesis, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, INFINITI, and Renault. I was also one of the pioneering members of the committee that introduced the first Nissan interactive e-commerce platform in the GCC & Middle East region by Al Masaood Automobiles in 2019. I was honored in 2020 to earn the CEO Special Award from Al Masaood Automobiles and later the Innovative Employee award in 2021.

In the summer of 2022, I started writing my first educational book, ‘Retail Marketing Management’, a comprehensive guide to key retail marketing and CRM aspects from an automotive industry perspective. The book delves into the emergence of new business models, digital marketing, product management, the impact of reshaped shopping behaviors on operations and much more. Looking forward to launch the book towards end of 2023.

About Canadian Bureau/ Derby Consultation:

Canadian Bureau established in 1993 as one of the pioneering offices in U.A.E to provide services for Canada immigration business programs to clients across the Gulf countries, Middle East and Northern African region. With the rise in demand for alternative citizenship options, several countries such as Portugal, Turkey, Dominca, St.Kitts & Nevis, & Grenada have introduced citizenship by investment programs to attract foreign investors. These programs allow individuals to acquire citizenship and the associated benefits by making a significant financial contribution to the country’s economy or invest in real estate. The office extended its services under ‘Derby Consultation’ to facilitate the process of obtaining citizenship or residency through investment programs from across multiple countries world-wide.

Our Office today serves as a central hub for these programs, providing comprehensive assistance to potential applicants. The office is responsible for overseeing the application process, verifying the eligibility of applicants, and ensuring compliance with the program’s requirements. It acts as a liaison between the lawyers and the investors, streamlining the entire process and providing guidance at every step.

For over 30 years, the office has maintained long term relationships with lawyers, consultants & financial firms to support the clients in their business & application requirements. Thanks to 3 decades of expertise, a reputation built on trust and integrity in the market, our office until today attracts new investors from U.A.E and the Middle east region through referrals & recommendations.

The Worlds Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Wassim Derbi: Balancing my job and family business was a constant juggling act that demanded careful attention and strategic decision-making. Navigating the responsibilities and demands of both realms required effective time management, clear communication, and setting boundaries. I had to prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and seek support when necessary. Striking a harmonious balance between my professional obligations and the needs of the family business meant making tough choices, but by establishing a strong support system and maintaining open lines of communication, I managed to find equilibrium and ensure success in both spheres.

The Worlds Times: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome during the journey of your leadership?

Wassim Derbi: Throughout my journey, I encountered numerous challenges that tested my abilities & mettle; these obstacles were not merely roadblocks but invaluable opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Overcoming these challenges required resilience, adaptability, and a relentless commitment to personal and professional development.

One of the most significant hurdles I faced was fostering effective communication within my team & co-workers. Initially, I struggled to convey my goals clearly and ensure everyone was on the same page. Recognizing this, I actively sought out strategies to enhance my communication skills. I engaged in active listening, encouraged open dialogue, and provided constructive feedback. Gradually, I noticed a positive shift in the team’s dynamics, with increased cohesion and a shared understanding of objectives.

Furthermore, adapting to change was a constant challenge in the fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape. I had to embrace a growth mindset and encourage my team to do the same. I learned to view change as an opportunity rather than a setback, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. By encouraging flexibility, I helped my myself navigate uncertainty and adapt to new circumstances, fostering resilience and creativity.

Lastly, balancing my personal and professional life was an ongoing challenge. It was crucial for me to set boundaries and prioritize self-care to avoid burnout. I learned to delegate tasks effectively, trust my team, and make time for activities that rejuvenated me. By taking care of my well-being, I could lead with renewed energy and inspire others to do the same.

The Worlds Times: Give us one word that describes you the best.

Wassim Derbi: Persistent

What is your book about and when are you aiming to launch in the market?

Wassim Derbi: I wrote this book to deliver a simple guide into some important aspects of retail marketing and CRM in a car dealership operation. I am confident that readers will find the thoughts, practical applications and concepts in this book insightful and can be carefully replicated and implemented in their local market even beyond the automotive industry. I decided to write a book about Marketing Management in the automotive industry for a few reasons. First and foremost, the automotive sector is a dynamic and highly competitive industry that continuously evolves with technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. It presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for marketers that require specialized knowledge and strategies. By writing this book, I aim to provide a comprehensive guide that addresses the specific marketing needs and intricacies of the automotive industry.

Furthermore, the automotive industry holds a significant global impact, both economically and culturally. It is a complex ecosystem involving manufacturers, suppliers, dealerships, and consumers, all interconnected through intricate marketing networks. Exploring the marketing dynamics within this industry allows for a deeper understanding of its influence on economies, societies, and individual lifestyles. By shedding light on effective marketing practices in this sector, the book can contribute to the success and growth of businesses operating within the automotive industry.

Additionally, the book fills a gap in the available literature. While there are numerous books on general marketing principles, there is a scarcity of resources specifically tailored to the automotive industry. By providing insights, strategies, and case studies that are directly relevant to this sector, the book becomes a valuable resource for professionals, marketers, and students interested in this field. It can serve as a practical tool for navigating the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in automotive marketing.

Moreover, my personal passion for both marketing and automobiles inspired me to undertake this endeavor. Combining my expertise in marketing management with a deep fascination for the automotive world, I am driven to share my knowledge and insights to benefit others. The book becomes a platform to share my experiences, research, and expertise, with the aim of fostering growth, innovation, and success within the automotive marketing realm.

The book will be ready for launch by end of 2023.

The Worlds Times: What are the key values which helped you to overcome the challenges in your path? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

Wassim Derbi: Overcoming challenges in any career path requires resilience, adaptability, patience and a proactive mindset. By embracing such a mindset, you can view challenges as opportunities for learning and personal development. I took steps to enhance my skills and knowledge through continuous learning & new experiences, seeking guidance and mentorship from professionals, learning from my failures, and networking to expand my business relationships.

The Worlds Times: What are your business goals?

Wassim Derbi:

  1. Establish Solid Brand Presence: Carry on maintaining a reputable and trusted image in the citizenship by investment services sector, known for professionalism, integrity, and excellence.
  2. Achieve Sustainable Growth: Strive for steady business growth by attracting a diverse clientele, expanding service offerings, and maintaining a strong financial performance while upholding ethical business practices.
  3. Expand Market Reach: Increase the company’s presence and visibility in new target markets by developing strategic partnerships, participating in industry events, and implementing effective marketing strategies.
  4. Foster Strong Relations with Lawyers: Cultivate positive relationships with government authorities and Lawyers involved in citizenship by investment programs, fostering collaboration and mutual understanding.
  5. Deliver an Exceptional Experience: Our business goes beyond offering a service; we are dedicated to providing an optimal experience.

The Worlds Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of Canadian Bureau right now?

Wassim Derbi: Long years of experience, integrity and reliability; client referrals are still considered our best lead source until today! Our satisfied customers become enthusiastic advocates who willingly spread the word about their satisfaction. These brand ambassadors share their experiences with friends, family, and sometimes through online platforms, influencing potential customers to consider applying for their 2nd passport to enjoy visa free travel and other long-term benefits. Their testimonials and recommendations hold significant credibility and trustworthiness, carrying more weight than traditional marketing efforts. In such an industry where a large portion of the investment is mandatory upfront during the application process, investors would seek a trusted & secure agent in the market recommended by a friend or family member.

The Worlds Times: What do you value the most about your family business vision?

Wassim Derbi: Our vision connects two very important aspects about our business, which really matter the most to our clients: Ethical pathways & enhancing people’s lives.

Our vision: We envision a future where our office plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless and ethical pathways to global citizenship, enabling our clients to enhance their personal and professional lives.

The Worlds Times: What are the strategies of “Canadian Bureau” and how do you stand unique from others?

Wassim Derbi: Our strategy focuses on providing a streamlined and efficient process for individuals seeking citizenship or residency through investment. From its inception, our aim was always to position Canadian Bureau/ Derby Consultation as one of the trusted and reputable service providers in the industry, prioritizing transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction. This strategy involves maintaining strong relationships with lawyers, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and conducting rigorous due diligence to protect the program’s integrity. The office also emphasizes continuous improvement by staying updated with industry developments, adopting innovative technologies, and enhancing service offerings. By implementing this strategy, our office aims to attract and retain high-quality investors, stimulate economic growth, and contribute to the overall development of the host country.

Our competitive edge lies around our focus to sell a unique Experience and not just a service. In such an industry, which is saturated with plenty of service providers today, investors are always seeking a trustable and transparent name to ensure that they will obtain a valid citizenship within the agreed time frame especially after securing & paying all the necessary funds. Our team of experts will always ensure Stringent Due Diligence by conducting thorough due diligence on all applicants to maintain the integrity of the program, safeguarding against potential risks and maintaining the reputation of the office and the host country.

The Worlds Times: How do you see the business changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Wassim Derbi: In the next two years, our office poised to undergo significant changes as it continues to grow and adapt to the evolving landscape of citizenship by investment services. As demand for such programs continues to rise, we can anticipate targeting new markets and regions to tap into emerging opportunities. This expansion will cover establishing strategic partnerships with more lawyers and real estate agents & exploring untapped markets.

Additionally, we will constantly enhance our service offerings to meet the evolving needs of clients. This could involve introducing new investment options, diversifying program offerings across different jurisdictions, and implementing innovative technologies to streamline application processes and improve customer experience.

Furthermore, we will continue investing in research and development to stay ahead of the curve. This would involve keeping up with emerging trends in the industry, exploring new markets, and leveraging data analytics to gain insights into customer preferences and market dynamics.

Overall, these anticipated changes will enable your business to solidify its reputation, attract a diverse clientele, and continue its growth trajectory in the ever-evolving landscape of citizenship by investment services.

The Worlds Times: What benefits are clients getting from “Canadian Bureau” in this competitive world?

Wassim Derbi: There are 7 essential benefits our clients will enjoy:

Speed: Applications are processed within a short period of time.

Data Security: We follow a strict policy when it comes to the protection of our clients’ personal data & documents.

Convenience: Our team will provide all the support & guidance through out the journey ensuring a simple & effortless process.

Transparency: All information related to fees, payment terms, delivery deadlines will be provided to the client upfront. Gaining their trust is always our number one goal.

Flexibility: Our team always remains available and will provide flexibility based on the client’s expectations & needs.

Reliability: Working with our office will guarantee satisfaction, convenience and a complete peace of mind.

Tailored Solutions: Based on the client’s requirements, future plans & budget ability, our team would educate the clients about the benefits of each of the investment programs, provide all necessary information to help them make informed decisions that mirror their expectations.

The Worlds Times: Tell us more about the citizenship & residency programs available for investors based in U.A.E? How can they apply and how long does it usually take until documents are delivered?

Wassim Derbi: Citizenship or residency by investment programs, also known as economic citizenship or golden visa programs, have gained significant popularity in recent years. These programs grant individuals & families to acquire citizenship or residency in a country through direct donation (usually starts from $100,000 USD, real estate investment or purchase of shares & bonds. While the specific requirements and benefits vary between countries, they generally offer an expedited path to citizenship without the need for traditional immigration processes and can take from 6 to 12 months until completion depending on the program terms and conditions. Nonetheless, some countries provide a residency visa followed by the citizenship after a few years.

There are a wide range of advantages that investors can obtain from such programs. Firstly, they offer individuals and their families the opportunity to gain a second citizenship, which can grant them access to a new country’s legal, economic, and social benefits. This includes unrestricted travel to multiple countries world-wide, business opportunities, education and healthcare options, and political stability.

Moreover, these programs can be attractive to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and expand their international business networks. By obtaining citizenship or residency in multiple countries, individuals can benefit from favorable tax regimes, increased asset protection, and expanded global market access.

Additionally, citizenship by investment programs often contribute to the economic development of the host countries. The funds generated through investments are typically directed towards infrastructure development, job creation, and social welfare programs. This infusion of capital can stimulate economic growth and enhance the overall standard of living for both citizens and new residents.

For more information about such programs, you can visit online www.derbyconsultation.com.

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