Rosemary, an investor and writer in AR/VR, discusses her journey with Badass Studios in an interview with The Worlds Times. The studio focuses on immersive storytelling for live eSports events, driven by the belief that technology should evoke emotions. Rosemary’s diverse background influences her storytelling, creating characters inspired by real-world experiences. She emphasizes the unique approach to storytelling across mediums like VR, games, and screenplays. Having started in the tech industry, Rosemary transitioned to screenwriting, overcoming self-doubt and developing a unique voice. Her business development and production experience contribute a strategic lens to the creative process, particularly in crafting compelling narratives for pitches.

Rosemary anticipates the integration of AR/VR and AI into daily life, with Badass Studios pushing creative boundaries for immersive experiences. She encourages aspiring writers to embrace new technologies and entrepreneurs to use compelling stories for brand elevation. Currently, Rosemary is working on the feature film “Flat Martha,” a podcast series adaptation, and a true story inspired by her own experiences. Badass Studios has an upcoming immersive DJ booth plugin for live performances, adding a storytelling element to DJs’ metaverse broadcasts.

Embarking on the Immersive Odyssey

We started the interview by asking, “Can you tell us about Badass Studios and your journey in the augmented reality and virtual reality industry?”

Rosemary replied, “Badass Studios was founded by Ben Douglas and Alex Sangwin-Skillen, creating immersive experiences for live eSports events. They were eager to venture into other immersive realms. As an investor in this field for some years, what intrigued me when they approached me to join them was their innovative approach to the globally interactive space, their exceptional team, and the incredible potential for immersive storytelling.”

Crafting Immersive Realms

The Worlds Times: As a writer, how does storytelling influence the development of AR/VR experiences at Badass Studios?

Rosemary continued, “Storytelling is at the core of what we do. Immersive without a purpose, without a story to connect emotionally, is just a gimmick. We believe that immersive technology should evoke feelings, and that philosophy permeates our work.”

Navigating Narrative Frontiers

The Worlds Times: Your work spans various genres and mediums. You write for and produce for VR and Mixed Reality. You also write for games, and more recently you’ve ventured into writing screenplays for film and TV, and even a podcast. Do you approach storytelling differently when working on a screenplay versus a podcast or immersive technology?

Rosemary replied, “Each medium has its nuances. Screenplays demand a more concise visual storytelling, whereas in VR, for example, the world and space become a more important part of. Adapting to the potential of a medium is a thrilling creative challenge. Not only the content, but also the process of creating these stories can differ. Narrative design in games is much more collaborative early in the process than writing a screenplay for example. Tools and approach can vary. The most exciting for me is when a story is not just adapted from one medium to another, but created to exist in more than one, or even better needs more than one medium to be told.”

Navigating Diverse Horizons

The Worlds Times: Can you elaborate on how your multifaceted background has influenced the creation of characters, sets, and scenery in your writing?

Rosemary replied, “My diverse experiences, be it in the tech industry, an entrepreneur, digital nomad or just as a woman, always influence the intricacies of my storytelling. The characters I craft often draw inspiration from my views and experiences in the real world, and the settings reflect a fusion of technological landscapes and the rich tapestry of human experiences. It’s the convergence of these facets that adds depth and authenticity to the worlds and characters I create.”

Rosemary’s Inspirational Journey into Writing

The Worlds Times: What inspired you to start writing?

Rosemary replied, “As a kid, essays were my favorite part of school. Back then there were no films or creative writing classes in schools, like there are today. Certainly not where I went to school. I wasn’t aware that it could be a career until much later when I was already working in technology. It’s true that you can’t be what you can’t see, which is something that I try to keep in mind every day that I tell stories. As creatives we have the power and responsibility to both explore and show.”

Embarking on the Creative Path

The Worlds Times: How did you get into writing and what have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome during your journey as a writer?

Rosemary replied, “In the tech industry, writing is integral, from pitches to full-fledged stories for development, particularly in serious gaming and technology that often feels like science fiction to most. My passion for screenwriting sparked when I worked as an assistant producer on a children’s movie. Recognizing the need for skills, I dedicated hours to learning through classes, industry coaching, and extensive writing. This journey led me to gradually shift my career towards storytelling, with screenplays as a chosen path. Overcoming self-doubt and developing my unique voice were significant challenges, especially as I ventured into screenplay writing later in life, but each challenge brings valuable lessons and fun experiences.”

Bridging Creative Vision & Envisioning the Future

The Worlds Times: You’ve worked in Business Development and Production in technology. How does that inform how you go about the business side of creative writing? For example, how do you think about pitching and creating rich materials that will get interest?

Rosemary replied, “My experience in Business Development and Production provides a strategic lens to the creative process. Pitching involves crafting a compelling narrative, too. And I do enjoy when a project is visually presented. It is the first step towards bringing what is on the page to a screen.”

The Worlds Times: What are you most excited about in storytelling and what content do you really want to see get made?

Rosemary replied, “The landscape of storytelling is evolving. Exploring uncharted worlds in immersive, formats whether through AR/VR or traditional mediums is something that I am particularly interested in. With all the new tools available to us as storytellers, I am excited to see what can be explored that is unseen and how it can help more diverse and inclusive narratives gain prominence.”

Pioneering Diversity in Tech Narratives

The Worlds Times: Your focus on strong diverse characters in tech is unique. How does this perspective shape the narratives in your stories and AR/VR projects?

Rosemary replied, “I almost can’t believe that we are still talking about this. How is it still possible that it is an issue? And yet it is. But for me it is not about forcing diversity. Stories allow us to see things from a different perspective, which in turn is only possible if we use diversity in our stories and characters. I create the characters that make my stories work and I create the stories that allow me to explore diverse points of view.”

Navigating Innovation Landscapes

The Worlds Times: How has your background in both large technology companies and startups influenced the inspiration you draw for crafting stories and movies that resonate with today’s young and tech-savvy audiences?

Rosemary replied, “The dual perspective from large tech companies and startups provides a unique source of inspiration. Large corporations often research cutting-edge technologies and global landscapes. Startups show agility and a risk-taking spirit that inspires narratives of innovation and unconventional journeys. This blend enriches my storytelling. Having said that, the most important part of storytelling is to be able to elicit an emotional connection. I draw inspiration from things that made me feel something and hope that I can craft stories that captivate today’s audiences.”

Navigating the Future & Crafting Impactful Narratives

The Worlds Times: How do you see the role of AR/VR evolving in the next five years, and what opportunities do you anticipate for Badass Studios in this evolving landscape?

Rosemary replied, “We are seeing that AR/VR and other technologies like AI will become more integrated into daily life. At Badass Studios I am fortunate to be in a team that continuously pushes boundaries of creativity to deliver unparalleled immersive experiences.”

The Worlds Times: What advice would you give to aspiring writers and entrepreneurs looking to create impactful stories?

Rosemary continued, “Writers, sculpt narratives that resonate with the human experience, remaining open to new technologies and embracing ideas from worlds unknown. Entrepreneurs, cultivate adaptability, explore uncharted territories, and wield the magnetic force of a compelling story to elevate your brand in the immersive technology landscape.”

Current and Future Endeavors

Lastly we asked,What are you working on now and next?”

“One of my projects, a feature film called “Flat Martha” was recently selected as a semi-finalist for the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, so we are now packaging the film with a production company in Los Angeles. I’m also currently adapting my TV pilot into a podcast series and am starting on a true story that I am excited about as it is something I’ve never attempted before. It’s also a bit daunting to execute as it is inspired by true events in my own life. At Badass Studios, we have an immersive DJ booth plugin coming out, that aspiring and experienced DJ’s can use during live performances to tell stories through their performance and broadcast them into the metaverse. For more information about that, please follow us on our social media.” Rosemary concluded

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