This article offers an insightful glimpse into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and corporate leadership. This engaging compilation showcases the journeys, strategies, and visions of ten influential businessmen who have left an indelible mark on the global business landscape. From innovative startups to established conglomerates, each profile highlights the unique approaches and key insights that have propelled these individuals to the forefront of their respective industries. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur seeking inspiration or a seasoned professional eager to glean wisdom from industry titans, this collection provides a fascinating exploration of success in the business world.

Featuring Top 10 Leading Businessmen:

1) James Giaprakis: Co-Founder CEO Callos Wellness

James Giaprakis
James Giaprakis

James Giaprakis is a dynamic entrepreneur who recently relocated from NYC to Dubai.

He’s currently serving as the co-founder and CEO of Callos Wellness, a holistic wellness brand that provides exceptional products and services that promote overall health and wellbeing.

James’s journey is a captivating narrative of passion, ambition, and perseverance, and his story starts to gain momentum among inspiring entrepreneurs.

With a keen eye for identifying new market opportunities and exceptional talent in business and product development, James has successfully built high-performance teams and driven innovation to achieve sustainable growth. He’s bringing a wealth of experience in strategic planning, operational excellence, and effective team leadership to the table.

James’s early experiences in food and beverage, transportation, and logistics shaped his appreciation for hard work, and his self-belief helped him think outside industry norms while encouraging others to overcome challenges.
Despite facing life’s fluctuations, James believes that adversity it’s the only way to meaningful growth. His story shows how persistence and continuous learning can lead to transformation.

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2) Fadi Awni Al Daraghmah: Regional Director at Keller Williams

Featuring Top 10 Leading Businessmen
Fadi Awni Al Daraghmah

Fadi Awni Al Daraghmah is an exceptional figure in the financial sector, blending academic excellence with vast real-world experience in tech and finance. His entrepreneurial spirit, especially evident in app development, has significantly influenced the strategic growth of businesses. His investment management skills also play a crucial role in shaping financial strategies and fostering strong investor relations.

Alongside, we have an expert in real estate with a comprehensive background, influencing the industry through innovative strategies, especially during financial downturns and corporate growth phases.

Both are committed to leveraging their expertise for socially impactful projects. Fadi, in particular, champions innovation and entrepreneurship, actively supporting startups and guiding young entrepreneurs to ensure their ideas contribute positively to society and not only take flight but soar to new heights.

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3) Olivier Brusle: Founder at ACTIOM

Olivier Brusle
Olivier Brusle

Olivier BRUSLE is an accomplished executive with over 35 years of experience in industry & consulting and entrepreneurship, he has led over 200 transformation initiatives for over 100 organisations across all sectors and 5 continents, authored over 50 articles and presented at over 30 conferences and webinars.

Global citizen, always eager to drive progress, embrace new ideas and technologies and ride the waves of culture, Olivier has made sizeable contributions to national, sectorial and organisation level trade policies, practices and processes, most often with digital and technology enablement. His latest focus is to enable sustainable frictionless trade and to help bridge the $2.5 trillion global trade finance gap through the improvement of commercial transactions from early negotiations to full payments.

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4) Oscar Soler Sola: Specialist in Sports Directors certified by the University Camilo Jose Cela & The Royal Spanish Football Federation / UEFA Licensed Coach / International Scout

Oscar Soler Sola
Oscar Soler Sola
  • Mr. Oscar Soler Sola is a name synonymous with excellence in Football Management and Talent Scouting. Certified by the Royal Spanish Football Federation as a Specialist in Sporting Directors from the University Camilo Jose Cela in Madrid, Spain, Oscar also holds a UEFA Coaching License and he is recognized as an International Scout and Worldwide Intermediary of Players & Technical Staff. With a Global Database boasting around 20,000 International Football Contacts spanning 140 countries, Mr. Soler Sola is a true force in the football world.
  • Oscar has direct access to many Professional Football Clubs, Sporting Directors, TOP Profiles of Head Coaches & Players (some with a former Transfermarkt Value of 150 Million €), Technical Staff, Investors, Sports Management Companies recognized worldwide, the best Representation Agencies of the world, and FIFA Registered Agents).
  • Mr. Soler Sola has 23 years of work experience, living in the professional world of sports since 2004.
  • One of Oscar’s missions is to train and develop Athletes, transmitting to them the values of sport, discipline and teamwork. Mr. Soler Sola is also a Mental Coach, with the ability to motivate and guide Athletes. Oscar is passionate about Football and like to keep abreast of the latest trends, innovations and opportunities in the field.
  • Mr. Soler Sola has extensive knowledge of world football, having also experiences like assisting as Tournament Manager for the former FC Bayern München Official Partner in North America. Oscar assisted to Global Premier Soccer in the organization of the Needham Memorial Day Tournament (the largest football tournament in North America, with more than 1000 Clubs). The Board of Directors & Technical Staff of this American Company met Pep Guardiola at the FC Bayern München facilities in Germany, to work with the same methodology in the United States.
  • Mr. Soler Sola has been Scout in Spain for the Levante U.D. (LaLiga) Youth Teams.
  • Oscar was also a semi-professional player. He made his debut in the Spanish Third Division in the year 2012.
  • Mr. Soler Sola has experiences coaching in the ITF Pro Circuit, WTA, and the ATP Tour (where Oscar’s brother-in-law, Mr. Pedro Clar Rosselló is the Coach of Casper Ruud (current World Number 8 in the PIF ATP Rankings).
  • Oscar has been coaching also in different professional academies, like Rafa Nadal Academy and PRO-AB Team (where he worked for Xavier Budó Bartomeu, current Director of Sports at FC Barcelona).
  • Recently, Mr. Oscar Soler Sola made headlines with his latest achievement: the signing of Indian Football prodigy, Suriya Selvakumar. Suriya, a former captain of Club Atlético Boca Juniors Academy India and a distinguished member of Estoril Praia – Futebol, SAD, in the Portuguese First Division Summer Elite Program for International Youth Players, he is now set to make history as one of the first Indians in German football.

In an exciting move, Mr. Soler Sola facilitated Suriya’s transition from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to Europe (UEFA), securing opportunities for him to train at renowned facilities. These include the impressive grounds of Eintracht Frankfurt, a club that boasts two UEFA Europa League Titles, and Rot-Weiss Frankfurt, a proud Partner of Eintracht where legends like Jürgen Klopp once honed their craft.

“I am delighted to announce Suriya Selvakumar’s new venture in European Football,” Mr. Oscar Soler Sola shared. “His talent and dedication are undeniable, and I have full confidence that he will excel in this new challenge.”

This groundbreaking journey for Suriya wouldn’t be possible without the support of Mr. Soler Sola’s Management Team, Suriya’s Parents, and the guidance of Sunanda Das, the Sporting Director of Boca Juniors Football School / Alchemy FA in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

This Partnership signifies more than just a Player joining a new League; it symbolizes the bridging of cultures, the exchange of expertise, and the limitless potential of talent in the football world. As Suriya embarks on this exciting chapter, we can’t help but be inspired by the dedication of individuals like Mr. Oscar Soler Sola, whose vision transcends borders and brings dreams to life on the global stage.

We eagerly await Suriya Selvakumar’s journey in European Football and wish him and Mr. Soler Sola all the success in their endeavors. This Collaboration is set to motivate not just Suriya but also aspiring footballers worldwide, demonstrating that with passion and perseverance, the sky is truly the limit.

Follow the journey of Suriya Selvakumar and stay updated on this exciting venture by following @Suriya Selvakumar.

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5) Alexandre Katrangi:

Alexandre Katrangi
Alexandre Katrangi

Alexandre Katrangi is highly regarded & consulted for an international career in Investment and Strategic Alliances..

Optimistic, insurance and clarity makes for his socialism and respect with his work. His straight forward approach, expert analysis and macro analysis on Investments.

Alexandre’s proximity and constant exclusive local relations with the key actors and players of the Middle East & all GCC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Africa had provided decisive finance structuring and direct investments to client base comprising blue chip financial institutions and private investors, large conglomerates Fortune 500 and CAC40 in the last past 27 years.

Fundamental interest in leading investments from emerging and frontier markets and mainly with the Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain Partners on all its market aspects such as oil & gas, oil prices, military and defense sector, industrial sector, rail sector, energy conventional/thermal electricity and IPP sector and nuclear sector, technologies and AI, royal family finance structuration succession and internal visions.

Over the past 27 years, Alexandre has interacted and operated with companies such as Vitol, Halliburton, EDF, Denel, Mocoh Switzerland, Socar, Bashneft, Sistema, Norinco, Geodis, Natixis, Blackstone, Thomson and many other international companies and conglomerates.

Licorne Gulf the company where he is Co-Founder directly invests their assets within equities into companies and structures an arm of investment from Saudi, Qatar and Bahrain HNWI partners.

He had been considered the Doyen of Franco Arab deal makers by the media due to his involvement in large Investments deals.

6) Patrick Mensah: CEO of WallStreet Investment

patrick mensah
patrick mensah

Patrick Mensah is a chairman and CEO of WallStreet Investment, a company that offers high-end business setup solutions, accounting, golden visa, luxury concierge services, financial advisory, and more to customers all around the world. He is also a Forbes Council member, an invitation-only, professional organization where top CEOs and entrepreneurs build professional skills and gain connections and visibility on

With over a decade of experience in the gold industry, Patrick has supplied over 5 billion USD worth of gold in the past ten years. He is also an investor, motivational speaker, philanthropist, author, and Africa CEO of the Year. He specializes in business consulting and implementing integrated marketing strategies that align with business objectives and deliver measurable results. He is passionate about empowering, inspiring, and connecting with people globally through his publications and interviews.



7) Xavier Granada: A Trailblazing Cultural Entrepreneur

Xavier Granada
Xavier Granada

Xavier Granada stands at the forefront of the cultural and digital realms, distinguished as the CEO & Founder of the innovative digital platform, myStage. Hailing from Sant Just Desvern, Catalonia, Spain, Xavier’s visionary leadership extends to the helm of cultural powerhouses, Magrana Arts & Media and A Contraluz Films.

At myStage, established in 2019, Xavier has pioneered a platform dedicated to the promotion and management of performing arts, bridging the gap between artists and audiences with cutting-edge technology.

His venture, Magrana Arts & Media, founded in 2018, exemplifies his multifaceted approach to the cultural sector. This dynamic company encompasses four distinct areas: Films, Escena, Talent, and 4Business, showcasing Xavier’s commitment to fostering creativity across various domains.

Prior to his endeavors with myStage and Magrana Arts & Media, Xavier made significant contributions to the audiovisual landscape as the Founder and Producer of A Contraluz Films from 2002 to 2019. Under his guidance, the production house produced an array of compelling films, fiction, and documentary programs for both cinema and television audiences.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Xavier has been an influential figure in the industry’s organizational landscape. Since February 2019, he has served as the President of the Pro-Ficció producers’ association and holds the esteemed position of Vice President of the PROA federation of producers.

With over 500 connections and a reputation as a dedicated lecturer, Xavier Granada is not only a cultural entrepreneur but also an executive producer with a vision. His unwavering commitment to advancing the arts and media sectors makes him a transformative force in the industry, setting new benchmarks and inspiring the next generation of cultural innovators.



8) Eduardo W. Jørgensen de Vizcarrondo

Eduardo W. Jørgensen de Vizcarrondo
Eduardo W. Jørgensen de Vizcarrondo

Eduardo W. Jørgensen de Vizcarrondo stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation as the CEO of Medicsen, a trailblazing medical technology company. Recognized as MIT’s Spanish Innovator of the Year in 2017 and featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2018, Eduardo’s visionary leadership has garnered international acclaim. With a background as a medical doctor and entrepreneur, he has masterfully guided teams through lean startup methodologies and scientific research and development. Under his leadership at Medicsen, Eduardo has successfully raised funds across three rounds, completed groundbreaking R&D projects, secured patents, and negotiated partnerships with pharmaceutical and tech giants globally. Committed to leveraging technology to enhance quality of life, Eduardo continues to seek new opportunities for growth and innovation across business, technology, and science.



9) Albert Martín Granados

Albert Martín Granados
Albert Martín Granados

Hello, I’m Albert Martín Granados, the Founder of Underground Rabbits® and a passionate 3D Artist and Motion Grapher based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ThePowerMBA, I bring a unique blend of creative expertise and business acumen to the table.

In my professional journey, I’ve been deeply immersed in the digital realm, focusing on 3D production, augmented reality, and cutting-edge technology. My specialization lies in sculpture, 3D modeling, and motion graphics. I thrive on integrating these disciplines to deliver exceptional results in every project I undertake.

Over the years, I’ve played a pivotal role in supporting the digital transformation of the EPI INDUSTRIES Family of companies and have contributed significantly to digital design, motion graphics, and video editing as part of the Digital Business team at EPISER. My focus extends to corporate branding, e-commerce advertising, corporate presentation videos, and the creation of specialized E-Learning courses tailored for the industrial sector.

At the core of my professional ethos are values such as motivation, proactivity, communication, and teamwork. I firmly believe that collaboration and effective communication are key to achieving outstanding results and driving growth.

Outside of work, I’m an adventurous soul with a curiosity that knows no bounds. My passion for travel has allowed me to explore diverse cultures, gaining invaluable perspectives and insights along the way. I cherish diversity and consider it essential for fostering global vision and growth in all aspects of life.

In summary, I’m a proactive and positive individual who thrives on challenges, both personally and professionally. I’m always eager to connect with like-minded professionals and explore new opportunities for collaboration. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to connect or learn more about my work!



10) Nizar Kammourie: Chief Executive Officer at SAWACO Water Group

RTC, a joint venture between AcwaPower and Saudi Brothers Commercial Company, stands as the driving force behind the Independent Seawater Desalination Water Project, boasting a robust capacity of 600,000 m3/day for a remarkable 25-year period. Spearheading this monumental endeavor is Suido Kiko Middle East’s CEO, leveraging expertise in water and wastewater contracts across the Gulf and Middle East, particularly emphasizing MBR technology for treatment and reuse.

Fueling RTC’s vision further is Saudi Brothers Commercial Co.’s Director of Business Development, renowned for pioneering the first private water utility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Notably, their collaboration with a leading Japanese water company has bolstered EPC endeavors in the Middle East’s water market. This aligns seamlessly with SAWACO-Water Desalination’s mission, under the adept leadership of its General Manager, to provide potable water using RO technology, marking a pivotal stride in Saudi Arabia’s water landscape.

Meanwhile, the strategic prowess of SETE Technical Services S.A., a division of the esteemed Latsis Group, adds depth to RTC’s market penetration efforts. With a focus on diversifying business ventures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, their expertise in oil & gas, water, and construction sectors amplifies RTC’s reach. Additionally, Gulf Eagle Contracting’s Director has a track record of transformative growth, nurturing infrastructural development from inception to a thriving enterprise.

Furthermore, the invaluable experience of individuals like the former Senior Civil Engineer at Ed Zublin AG, adept in project planning and execution within the oil & gas complex, fortifies RTC’s operational framework. Their collective specialties encompass business development across diverse industries, expertise in private finance initiatives within the water sector, and a knack for restructuring companies for optimized performance. Together, this powerhouse team propels RTC towards unprecedented success in the realm of water desalination and infrastructure development.

Published: 22nd March 2024

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