Norma Duncan has diverse background in art, design, technology, and corporate governance. CEO of Emotionism-Art, a self-made multi-award-winning brand recognized globally. She has a vision to grow sustainable luxury retail, introducing innovative products for consumer needs. Embracing the digital economy with adaptability, NFT blue-chip art, and diverse product development.

Her leadership journey is to Overcame gender-related challenges in a male-dominated industry through hard work and perseverance. Began as a personal expression of art, evolved into a consumer-led brand embraced globally. Navigating a historically male-led industry required working harder and thinking bigger. Values Emotionism’s leadership as a diverse and inclusive consumer brand without boundaries. Focused on filling market gaps with sustainable and innovative products. Expects growth across the supply chain by innovating and adapting to global consumer needs.

She have describes herself as Honest person.

Artistic Journey and Early Influences

We started the interview by asking, “Explain your background and your Company’s in detail.”

Norma replied, “My background is within art, design, new technology, corporate governance, brokering sales, business change improvements, data analysis and problem solving.

I was a child artist; I recall being 4 years old when one day at home, I had decided to draw instead of practicing my handwriting. That moment was the beginning of this success story. Which comes down to choice and action.  My upbringing was focused on education as my parents raised me to become an educated woman. I am indeed educated, highly qualified, as well as a very gifted industry leading creative.  Creating ideas across art & design is in my blood, something I was born with, a skill I nurtured, developed, explored, and propelled. I became a local front page news story in 2005 with the debut of my first major local fashion week.

I was 21 Years’s old when my design style began to open industry doors. It was in 2005, where I first met industry leaders who were present at that prestigious fashion week, as well as the media.  The media at that event circulated my collection all week and on catwalk day, I was informed by organizers that the media had been waiting for me to arrive for 5 hours, since 7am. I had arrived at fashion week at 12 noon that day and spent most of my time backstage in press interviews.  My greatest strength of all is my creative skills, as well as my ability to think outside-of-the-box and generate original new ideas for consumer needs.

My background as a practicing artist & designer covers 36 years’ experience in the field and of which 15+ years concurrently was working for some of the leading unicorn corporations in London. The corporate world trained me to become one of their best. I learned from the best and transferred my skills into my vision for what I could bring to retail, specifically as I grew my ventures in my downtimes which helped me to plan new business models. In 2023, I am a 40-year-old self-made multi-award-winning CEO founder and recognized as one of the most influential businesswomen in the world by international industry leaders. Within my vision I use my skills to reimagine luxury retail and shopping expectations which includes business to business and business to consumer markets.

The background of Emotionism-Art began in year 2010 at a moment of time, when I needed to connect back to my creative core again. It began as an avenue to stir up my creative skills.  A project sorts with no fixed destination.  Although I had studied at one of the UK`s leading arts institutes in the early 00`s who are known to produce industry leaders and gained my qualifications within art & design with a UK national diploma at that time. For around 10-years after my diploma graduation, I had not painted any art at all until the time presented itself again. I had focused on design instead, making fashion. At that time in 2010, my art was different to my very early work sketches & paintings. This new art was based upon emotions. I found that painting my emotions to express my feelings enabled me to pick up my passion again for the arts, my passion for life, explore new creative outlets, experiment with my creative skills and I decided this style of art was called Emotionism-Art as it did fit what I was going through. One day in year 2012, after an encounter with a local professional who saw my art by chance, invited me to take part in a local art exhibition they were hosting. What was meant to be a small local art exhibition event quickly developed into part of a bigger local festival where the local deputy mayor attended, and local art galleries were present, alongside local media.

I signed that day to a local gallery, but I decided to begin to show my art online and later that year in autumn 2012, I launched I began a new journey of social media promotion, social media trending, online traffic generation, direct marketing and the global consumer markets began to open to emotionism-art brand, which also started a new style of art movement trend amongst artists across the world. I started promoting art on social media for free, and when testing the online market traction, I advertised my art styles which progressed into other lines and for 3-year`s between 2013-2016 we received 50,000 unique visitors each month from 50+ countries and local customers were coming to my front door to buy some goods. I advertised art, then small lines of interiors, and fashion all of which I produced, and Emotionism-Art products began to trend online locally, attracted influential international followers including celebrities as well attracting major UK, International and Global media attention. In 2018, I set about securing major UK, International & Global operation partners to help me build this brand into a global operating supply entity. I started emotionism-art as a sole trader; this brand has grown in 11-years to become a multi-award-winning global name brand, which has a 5-year waiting list for new international supply to market contracts for our new products & services launches beyond our art product lines.

Some of our new supply partnerships include major book deals, major cosmetics franchise deal, major solo art exhibitions, major support for our supply chain initiatives and most recently (December 7th, 2023, onwards) we have launched our first line of 7 figure original blue-chip NFT art products with a major crypto art marketplace partnership. In 2023, Emotionism-Art is recognized as one of the best of the best online blue-chip art & design brands in the UK, most sustainable retail & shopping trading company in the Southern region UK and has won Art & Design Brand of the Year! With the Corporate Livewire Global Awards 2023-24 for the second year in a row. In the past 18-months we have achieved 11 major industry awards nominations and 8 collective major consecutive UK, International and Global industry enterprise awards wins.

Vision and Goals for Sustainable Luxury Retail

The Worlds Times: What are your goals?

Norma replied, “My goal is to keep up the good work, deliver on my vision to grow an accessible sustainable luxury retail supply chain, across the consumer markets ecosystem and to achieve great results for the planet by introducing innovative products & services which also serves consumer needs.”

The Worlds Times: Why did you start “EMOTIONISM”?

Norma replied, “I started Emotionism-Art to express myself as an artist which then became part of a collective culture who embraced this expression of emotions, and they enabled me to develop Emotionism-Art into a consumer lead brand.”

Emotionism-Art: A Creative Reawakening

The Worlds Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of “EMOTIONISM” right now?

Norma replied, “The biggest strength is our ability to adapt to a digital economy, from developing our new NFT blue-chip art products, to working with international partners across new initiatives for localized productions, to ensure we limit our carbon footprint.  As well as developing pioneering products for a cost-of-living consumer as well as the high-net-worth investor is one of our biggest strengths. The ability to adapt to shifting consumer needs whilst retaining our luxury brand image is our key strength.”

The Worlds Times: What do you value the most about “EMOTIONISM” vision?

Norma replied, “I value our ability to lead as a diverse and inclusive consumer brand. Because we are a diverse & inclusive brand, our business partners come from different parts of the world male & female lead, and I value that we set no boundaries on how big we grow when working together to serve a diverse & inclusive global marketplace.”

Path took by Norma Duncan

The Worlds Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Norma replied, “The path I took was the good old fashioned hard work path. It is not an easy road to build a global market, gain global recognition and become one of industry`s greatest assets in innovation, especially in a competitive space.”

Unique Strategies and Market Positioning

The Worlds Times: What are the strategies of “EMOTIONISM” and how do you stand unique from your competitors?

Norma replied, “Our strategies are simply to fill the gaps in the marketplace. What makes us unique compared to any other blue-chip artist brand is our ability to create new products which serves our consumers’ needs more so than producing new products for a seasonal trend or as a fad.

We are working on many initiatives which are unique because we are an art, design, fashion and most recently becoming a cosmetics luxury retail brand.

We focus on sustainability and minimizing waste. We will mostly produce original or edition product lines. We will introduce a new direct online secondary marketplace for our customers to resell items for pre-loved goods, across our collectible art, interior and fashion lines.

We will launch a future service which will clean, restore, and repackage pre-loved goods as we will aim to set a new standard for encouraging a luxury secondary marketplace for our product lines for our consumer’s needs.

We build in added value measure, from the product to after sales, to resales. A great example of this is our new NFT blue-chip art product lines which launched this week with the metaverse art fair , debuting from December 7th – December 10th, 2023 (M-ART ART FAIR) we have 55 NFTs listed on the NFT drop blockchain at a fix price of £5 million pounds each / roughly 3000 ETH.

Each Emotionism-Art NFT listed art product has a built-in additional content package of 3-9 NFT art variations, which gives our NFT crypto investors the opportunity to invest in one NFT and re-position 3-9 unique original NFTs at   £5 million pounds each, back onto the blockchain for secondary market sales.

We have produced a product which is high value but gives patient investors the choice to increase their investment returns by at least 3 X`s ROI from the moment they decide to put my NFT art back to the NFT markets. Unlike some red-chip NFT creators, I am blue-chip which means I have an independent art valuer who appraises major historical & contemporary artists, I have representative galleries who can secure me major museum exhibitions and support form the luxury retail sectors for my brand, alongside major media interest.

Blue-Chip art be it in digital format or physical format only goes up in value and so, it is a natural evolution to launch into the NFT markets because we champion sustainability as well as enjoy creating new digital assets for an increasing global lead digital ecosystem.

In 2024 we also have a network of thousands of prospective private investors who are interested in my Emotionism-Art NFTs, who will be potentially coming on board over the next 12-months period.

Because we create products for what niche consumer needs, and consumers in general need products which works best for their needs. As a result, we have our 5-year waiting list for our other new product lines which are currently ideas in development, which tackle issues in some cases like reducing the annual global clothes waste put into landfills.

These are some of the reasons why we are unique to our competitors because we are a consumer lead brand, which means we grow with our consumers’ needs by filling those gaps in their needs.”

Overcoming Challenges through Effective Communication

The Worlds Times: What are the key values which helped you to overcome the challenges in your path? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

Norma replied, “The key values which helped me to overcome the challenges in my path are the values in effective communication.  It is only when reaching out to likeminded partners who already share a vision, is when my challenges in terms of global operations began to become resolved.

A memorable incident is when I reached out to a major online global retail brands group in early 2022, to gain their operation management support.

They offered Emotionism-Art access to their 1.5 billion D2C online shopping consumer marketplace, and as far as I am aware we would be the only NFT art product creator brand that they will allow to be supplied to their consumers.

This offer was made due to me, effectively communicating my vision for the Emotionism-Art NFTs future product & services lines, by adopting my NFT lines into a sustainable mass secondary consumer marketplace, beyond primary sales which makes the trade more attractive to a bigger global trade market,  in the likes of what is experienced in a similar way by the Forex Exchange as shares, but without the risk associated with traditional stock & share trading.

We will be building big trade in future, and subject to mandatory collaborative partnership criteria being fulfilled, we hope to announce this new major collaborative supply D2C partnership deal within our mass market NFT supply chain initiatives within the next 24-moths period.”

The Worlds Times: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome during the journey of your leadership?

Norma replied, “The biggest challenges were to navigate a complex industry which was predominately historically led by men. I had to work harder, be smarter, think bigger and lead in a poise which did not exclude me due to my gender as a woman. Instead, I am celebrated as a woman leading in industry and my gender at the start of this journey perhaps held me back from big deals, due to lack of support for women leading in this industry.”

Future Growth and Change Management

The Worlds Times: How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Norma replied, “The Company will grow in two years, across all our supply chain and I will create that change because it is up to me to drive our growth. It`s what I do best amongst my skills.

Change is created by innovation which is at the forefront of our sustainable growth models across our new products & services which involves adapting for conscious global ecosystems that address climate planetary changes and changing consumer climate needs.”

Client Benefits in a Competitive Landscape

The Worlds Times: What benefits are your clients getting from “EMOTIONISM” in this competitive world?

Norma replied, “Our clients benefit from a newly emerging growing global consumer brand that addresses consumer needs, fills the gaps in their needs and offers value for money sustainable products & services which benefit our consumers for the long term.”

Metaverse Art Fair Collaboration and Closing Remarks

Lastly we asked, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

Our partners at the metaverse Art Fair would like your viewers to know:

As CEO of the Metaverse Art Fair, I am thrilled to announce our pioneering partnership with the esteemed digital artist Norma Duncan and her Emotionism Art project. This collaboration is not just a fusion of art and technology; it’s a new chapter in the metaverse, promising to significantly energize both primary and secondary NFT markets with its innovative and immersive artistic experiences. A new Era of art trading has begun ” – Johnessco Rodriguez, CEO of M-ART.

The art fair is from 7th December 2023 – 10th December 2023 investors can register directly for the Emotionism-Art UK NFT drop here:

Viewers can also register for future Emotionism-Art product launch news or contact us for business partnership enquiries here:

Our NFTS will also will be accessible directly on the blockchain from 11th December 2023 which will be linked into the emotionism-art homepage.” Norma concluded

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