Meet Mr. Valeri Gurgenadze: Barceló Group Arrives in Style!

If you’re searching for the perfect destination to invest in real estate, look no further. We’re excited to bring you insights from the Commercial Director of ELT Building Development, Mr. Valeri Gurgenadze, on the potential opportunities for investing in Georgia’s real estate market. As an expert in the field, he can provide valuable information on the favorable investment climate in Batumi and Tbilisi, making them attractive destinations for real estate investors worldwide. Additionally, he gives us new information about the excitement surrounding the incredible achievement of bringing a major international brand to Georgia.

So, join them as they explore the exciting prospects for investing in Batumi and in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Let’s Start the Interview:

Introduction to Mr. Valeri’s Company

We started the interview by asking, “Hello, Mr. Valeri. Thank you for joining us today. Can you please share some information about your company?

Valeri Gurgenadze replied, “Hello, and thank you for having me today. In 2017, our company, ELT Building Development, entered the real estate industry with a unique and innovative vision that went beyond the traditional concept of providing apartments.

ELT Building entered Georgia’s construction scene in 2017, quickly establishing itself as a trusted partner. Our mission is to redefine real estate standards, treating every customer as a valued partner. We prioritize comfortable living spaces and vibrant recreational environments through our innovative “new district” concept.

Our goal was to create an environment that offered a comfortable and high-quality way of life suitable for the fast-paced rhythm of modern cities. To accomplish this, our development team created the “ELT Quarter,” a new dimension in real estate that redefined the idea of a neighborhood.

The “ELT Quarter” in Batumi is our latest venture, offering nine complexes along the Black Sea. Designed by top architects and in collaboration with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, it redefines coastal living with luxurious amenities.

Meanwhile, our “Spanish Quarter” in Tbilisi promises premium living with panoramic river views and upscale facilities. We’re dedicated to setting new standards in construction and development, providing international-quality experiences in Georgia.

Unveiling Barceló’s Entry

The World Times:  What should be clarified when introducing Barceló’s Arrival and Its Impact on Industry, Partners, and Investors in Georgia!

Valeri Gurgenadze replied, “Let me begin by expressing my excitement about the incredible achievement of bringing a major international brand to Georgia! This collaboration between Barceló and ELT Building marks a significant milestone for both the hospitality and development sectors. I’m delighted to have you join us in acknowledging this momentous occasion! The introduction of Barceló at ELT Building isn’t just a triumph for us; it’s a pivotal moment for the entire industry. As you’re aware, ELT Building strives to represent sophistication and modernity. Now, as the exclusive host to Barceló, we’re merging luxury with tradition, offering an unparalleled experience for locals, global travelers, and investors alike. While we take pride in being Barceló’s chosen partner, achieving this collaboration required meticulous planning and execution. Barceló at ELT Building isn’t merely a hotel; it’s envisioned as a destination where every stay unfolds as an adventure, generating added value for investors along the journey.”

Understanding Barceló’s Entry

The World Times:  What should be clarified when introducing Barceló’s Arrival and Its Impact on Industry, Partners, and Investors in Georgia!

Valeri Gurgenadze replied, “First and foremost, our focus is on raising the bar for luxury standards. Additionally, this collaboration with Barceló presents valuable opportunities for our partners and investors. Partnering with such a well-respected hospitality group brings global recognition and opens doors to mutually beneficial partnerships and exciting business prospects.

This collaboration will elevate the local hospitality industry, setting a new standard of excellence that will appeal not only to international travelers but also to the local audience. Georgia’s distinctive offerings will be showcased to a wider audience, attracting tourists seeking top-notch hospitality and authentic cultural experiences.

Moreover, the arrival of a global hospitality giant like Barceló means more job opportunities and skill development for the local workforce.”

Navigating the Challenges

Lastly we asked, “How demanding it was to negotiate an exclusive collaboration with one of the biggest players in the industry?”

Barceló’s arrival in Georgia highlights the region’s promising investment environment. This collaboration boosts confidence in the local market, attracting more investments and fostering an environment conducive to sustained economic growth.

We are pleased with the outcome of demonstrating our company’s sustainability and the right development strategy for an internationally recognized brand. Though the process was challenging, it provided valuable experience that will lead to undeniable success in the future and facilitate communication with other reputable brands in the industry.

Looking ahead, we anticipate Georgia becoming a preferred destination for Barceló’s international clientele, leading to a surge in tourism and benefiting the local economy. Georgia’s attractive tax laws, low corruption index, and ease of doing business position it as a leader in the region, attracting reputable brands and international investors. Additionally, the association agreement with the European Union will further stimulate the industry’s growth.” Valeri Gurgenadze concluded

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