Trendy Beat Network, founded in 2013, revolutionized digital music distribution in India by prioritizing simplicity and non-exclusivity. Focused on free distribution to combat piracy, the company successfully collaborated with global platforms. Leveraging in-house technology and analytics, it differentiated itself in the competitive landscape, offering white-label solutions and emphasizing transparency. Sangeet, a strategic partnership, became Pakistan’s second-largest streaming service. The sustainable free distribution model, serving over 125,000 clients worldwide, remains effective through nominal fees. Inclusivity for indie artists, record labels, and distributors is a key feature, with the founder emphasizing trust-building for entrepreneurial success.

Founder’s Odyssey

We started the interview by asking, “Can you share the journey of Trendy Beat Network and how you, as the founder and CEO, have shaped the company over the past decade?”

Aman replied, “In 2013, I founded Trendy Beat Network with a vision to revolutionize digital music distribution in India. My journey began as a web developer and data entry specialist in 2009. Recognizing the scarcity of non-exclusive digital music distribution platforms, I aimed to simplify international distribution for indie and emerging artists, eliminating cumbersome contracts and metadata processes.”

Unveiling the Inspiration

With a focus on free music distribution, “what motivated you to provide such a service, and how has it impacted the music community?”

Aman replied, “During the early 2010s, awareness about digital music distribution on global platforms like Spotify was limited, and music piracy was rampant. My motivation was to curb piracy and help artists generate revenue, thus transforming music from a hobby into a viable career option.”

Navigating Challenges & Celebrating Triumphs

The Worlds Times: Can you elaborate on the challenges and successes in establishing these collaborations?

Aman answered, “Our main challenge was streamlining Metadata, Rights Management, and Revenue Reporting for artists. We successfully partnered with global platforms like Spotify, Anghami, Gaana, and Amazon, ensuring direct service without intermediaries.”

Tech-Driven Transformation

The Company’s mission is to leverage technology and data to create value and opportunities within the music community, “Can you provide specific examples of how technology and data have been instrumental in achieving this mission?”

Aman continued, “We developed an in-house distribution process for content ingestion on Digital Service Providers (DSPs) rather than relying on third parties. This approach, coupled with extensive music analytics, helps us understand music trends and flows, playing a crucial role in our mission.”

Leading the Pack & Transparency

Trendy Beat Network offers cutting-edge web applications and services, including white-label solutions for international distribution partners, “How do these services differentiate your company in the competitive music industry landscape?”

Aman replied, “Our non-exclusive approach empowers artists with freedom. We offer versatile white-label solutions for Music Distributors and Labels, allowing them to utilize our web application independently of our aggregation services.”

The Worlds Times: The commitment to transparent reports and monthly payments is emphasized. How does this commitment contribute to building trust with music artists, labels, and distributors using your platform?

Aman replied, “Since inception, we’ve prioritized transparency and trust. We provide monthly reports and timely payments with detailed sales information to our users, reinforcing our commitment to openness and reliability.”

Sangeet: Empowering Musicians

“The parent company has designed the platform “Sangeet” for artists and labels. Can you discuss the features of Sangeet that make it a valuable tool for musicians?”

Aman continued, “Sangeet, our partnership venture with PMD Digital, is the second-largest music streaming service in Pakistan. It offers Extensive Features for free streaming and paid downloads, catering specifically to the needs of musicians.”

Balancing Sustainability and Excellence

Trendy Beat Network values providing free distribution experiences for all users, “How do you manage to sustain this model and still offer services on par with premium alternatives in the industry?”

Aman replied, “Our free distribution model is sustainable thanks to our vast client base of over 125,000 worldwide. We charge a nominal fee of 5-10% or a small upfront fee, which proves effective due to the volume of our releases.”

Striking the Right Chords

The Worlds Times: The Company is open to both individual artists and big record labels. How do you ensure that your services cater to the diverse needs of these different segments of the music community?

Aman answered, “We’ve designed our platform to be inclusive, providing tools for indie artists, big record labels, and distributors, covering everything from content ingestion to rights management and music publishing.”

Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Lastly we asked, “What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?”

“My advice is to prioritize building trust over revenue. In the rapidly evolving music industry, being trustworthy and transparent is essential for long-term success.” Aman concluded

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