Company’s History by Jessica Fernandez

The Arabia Times: Discuss your history and your Company in detail.

Jessica Fernandez: Emirates Specialized Contracting and Oilfield Services L.L.C. (ESCO) stands as a company within the energy services sector, offering specialized consultancy, inspection, maintenance, and project management services that revolve around the lifecycle of assets. The ultimate goal is to ensure sustainability and the utmost operational efficiency.

ESCO is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with its roots deeply entwined in Emirati ownership. Its inception saw it taking its first steps as a company catering to offshore support services in the challenging realm of Oil and gas. Emirati leadership, coupled with an international management team, is central to its ethos, which steered the Company towards value-added services. The focal point became inspections and maintenance, earning the Company a reputation for its firm reliability and commitment to excellence.

Significant achievements mark our illustrious history, emphasizing our dedication to continuous enhancement and expansion. Notably, our legacy has been further solidified by our exceptional management consultancy services, particularly in Offshore Rig and Platform Inspections—a niche we have meticulously carved for ourselves over time. Our aspiration has always been to meet industry benchmarks and to redefine them.

Following a triumphant expansion of services, we took up the mantle of promoting industry proficiency and the professional advancement of individuals by founding a center of excellence for training. This initiative, operating under the umbrella of ACTVET (Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training), underscored our commitment to fortifying industry expertise and skillsets while empowering the workforce of tomorrow.

In an era characterized by rapid technological evolution, ESCO showcased its foresight and adaptability by venturing into the realm of Drones—specifically Unmanned Aircraft Systems (U.A.S.) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). This strategic move embodies our solid dedication to fostering a culture of innovation, digitalization, automation, and academic research and development.

In alignment with our focus on technological innovation, we have deliberately invested in cutting-edge equipment, particularly highlighting drone and robotic services. This deliberate investment is a testament to our ambition to be at the forefront of industry innovation, influencing trends and setting new benchmarks. Our journey, defined by these pivotal milestones, is a testament to our unceasing ambition to push boundaries and catalyze transformation within the sectors we cater to.

Strengths and Goals of Jessica Fernandez

The Arabia Times: What are your goals?

Jessica Fernandez: My objectives at ESCO extend beyond tasks; they closely align with the Company’s values and objectives. A primary focus for me is offering steadfast support to the company’s leadership, guided by unwavering integrity and ethical standards. I take pride in contributing to a team where management fosters an environment promoting growth, innovation, and collaboration. By accenting these pillars, ESCO’s success can reach unparalleled heights, and I am privileged to be a part of this journey.

The Arabia Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of “ESCO” right now?

Jessica Fernandez: The current heartbeat of ESCO lies within its culture, which can be best described as vibrant and dynamic. However, this culture is not just an abstract concept; it is a product of the exceptional individuals who make up our team. Their dedication, expertise, and shared ethos form the cornerstone of our strength. This unified sense of purpose propels us forward in the energy sector, encouraging us to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Path Took by Jessica Fernandez

The Arabia Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Jessica Fernandez: My journey to my current role has been a diverse tapestry woven from a range of experiences. Instead of a strictly linear path, I have held positions in both the hospitality and aviation industries, transitioning from Flight attendant to being an Executive Assistant. These diverse roles exposed me to various cultures, personalities, and situations, refining my communication and people skills. These well-developed skills now significantly contribute to my current role, where effective communication and adaptability are of utmost importance.

The Arabia Times: What inspired you to move to an energy service company?

Jessica Fernandez: My decision to move to a specialized service company was from a strong desire to contribute to sustainability and the community. The energy sector is paramount in shaping our planet’s future, and I wanted to participate in positive environmental change. This industry aligns with my values, allowing me to work toward greater good while fulfilling my professional aspirations.

Future of ESCO

The Arabia Times: How do you see the Company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Jessica Fernandez: Looking ahead, the transformation of ESCO will be underpinned by technological advancements. As part of this vision, I am committed to encouraging every team member to contribute to our collective success. By fostering an environment of innovation and shared achievement, I aim to be a driving force behind this transformation. My role will involve encouraging open dialogue, embracing new ideas, and supporting the implementation of cutting-edge solutions.

The Arabia Times: What do you value the most about the “ESCO” vision?

Jessica Fernandez: ESCO’s idea resonates profoundly with me due to its holistic approach to work-life integration and its emphasis on collaboration between expats and locals. This vision envisions organizational success and seeks to advance the socio-economic landscape. This balanced perspective aligns with my values and accentuates ESCO’s commitment to universal growth and positive community impact.

Knowledge about the Company

The Arabia Times: In your tenure, have there been instances where you had to facilitate critical discussions or decisions around complex energy projects? How did you ensure smooth communication and execution?

Jessica Fernandez: With my experience, to ensure seamless communication and execution, I always employ a strategic approach. Clear and transparent communication confirms stakeholder alignment on objectives, timelines, and challenges. Meticulous planning, including contingencies, is essential. Consistent follow up and through regular updates maintain momentum, and swift roadblock resolution is achieved through close collaboration. This coordinated method ensures successful project outcomes.

The Arabia Times: What skills do you use to establish trust with clients?

Jessica Fernandez: Building trust with clients requires a multifaceted approach, where performance is vital. At ESCO, we demonstrate confidence through tangible accomplishments and undeniable outcomes. Our track record serves as a testament to our credibility and reliability. By consistently delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations, we forge strong, enduring relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

The Arabia Times: From your vantage point, how does ESCO approach the conceptualization and planning phases of energy-saving initiatives?

Jessica Fernandez: ESCO approaches the conceptualization and planning of energy-saving initiatives with a holistic view, firmly associated with local government objectives. Our programs are not isolated endeavors; they are carefully harmonized with broader community aspirations to maximize their impact. The process involves thorough research, analysis, and collaboration to ensure that our lead are practical and aligned with the community’s long-term sustainability objectives. This approach emphasizes ESCO’s commitment to responsible and impactful energy management.

The Arabia Times: Given the rapidly changing landscape of energy-saving innovations, how do you aid the ESCO leadership in staying informed and making timely decisions?

Jessica Fernandez: I play an active role in challenging and aligning decisions to keep ESCO’s leadership well-informed and equipped to make timely decisions in the face of rapid energy-saving innovations. Closely scrutinizing proposals and strategies ensures that all factors and implications are thoroughly considered. I align these decisions with our Company’s overarching mission and the evolving energy landscape. This dual alignment ensures that we stay true to our core values while remaining adaptable to emerging trends, ultimately enabling us to deliver consistent value to our stakeholders.

Advice from Jessica Fernandez

The Arabia Times: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Jessica Fernandez: I want to convey to viewers that our journey at ESCO is a collective one dedicated to serving and adding value to our community and stakeholders. Your support and engagement fuel our progress, and we are excited to share our achievements with you as we work towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

As an executive assistant closely aligned with ESCO leadership, how have you navigated the evolving challenges of supporting high-level decisions in the energy sector?

I adeptly navigate the ever-evolving challenges of the energy sector through a dual-focused approach. On one hand, my primary concern is upholding the Company’s well-established reputation, ensuring that our actions constantly reflect our steadfast commitment to excellence. On the other hand, I remain finely attuned to the dynamic nature of the energy sector, proactively staying informed about prevailing industry trends and changes. This two-pronged strategy enables me to anticipate challenges, offer well-informed insights, and effectively support high-level decision-making.

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