About Personal life & Work life of Ina Ruškienė

The Worlds Times: Explain your background and “IN-BIGDATA” in detail.

Ina Ruškienė: Uncovering the deeper purpose behind our actions can illuminate our journey in profound ways. While many follow a path that appears straight and clear-cut, my professional journey took a more winding route, marked by exploration and introspection, searching for that deeper resonance.

In my formative years, I dived deep into the expansive realms of ecology. Yet, with each passing lecture and field study, I felt an increasing disconnect. It wasn’t the science itself that I questioned, but rather my place within it. This introspection led me away from the green expanses of ecology and into varied professional avenues, always seeking that elusive alignment with my inner self. It was never about the prestige or the accolades, but about a heartfelt alignment with my work.

At that juncture, I was reminded of my enduring fondness for mathematics, a passion that had been kindled during my earliest school years. This insight guided my academic pursuits towards accountancy and economics, leading me further into the intricate realm of financial markets, perfectly aligning with the analytical proclivities I had treasured from a young age. Concurrently, in my professional life, I ascended the hierarchies of the banking industry. To the onlooker, I appeared to epitomize success with my ascending roles, notable sales achievements, and a burgeoning reputation. Yet, beneath this exterior, I wrestled with an essential query: Was I just selling products, or was I truly adding value?

Driven by my discomfort with pushing products that didn’t always align with client needs, and stifled by unyielding systems, I decided to pivot from my client-facing banking role to delve into more analytical positions. This evolution brought me through a spectrum of organizations and diverse data roles, from insurance outfits to research-based establishments. With every step, I not only honed my understanding of data nuances, techniques, and modeling, edging closer to true value creation, but I also held onto the aspiration of uncovering the contentment and purpose I yearned for. However, the recurring theme in each corporate environment I navigated was the same: inflexible frameworks and a notable lack of genuine value delivery.

It was only when I shifted to a data-centric role at a startup that I began to discern the shape of my true passion. Amid the challenges of a burgeoning company, I delighted in the freedom to innovate and craft solutions. I wasn’t just handling numbers; I was molding solutions. This experience made it clear: I am driven by a need to understand challenges, connect with people, and design tailor-made solutions that align with their needs.

This insight spurred me to establish my own data service company. At “IN-BIGDATA”, we don’t merely offer products. Instead, we focus on what’s genuinely essential, creating problem-solving solutions tailored to our clients. It’s a culmination of my multifaceted journey, an embodiment of my learnings from different data roles across varied sectors. Success, as I’ve come to understand, isn’t about ticking boxes or reaching sales targets; it’s rooted in understanding the ‘why’ behind each action.

Each morning, I rise with a sense of purpose, fortified by the knowledge that I’m not just offering services but enabling businesses to carve their success stories with tailored data insights.

The Worlds Times: Give us one word that describes you the best.

Ina Ruškienė: Brave. For the longest time, I equated bravery and courage with an image of fearlessness – someone who always appears poised, well-dressed, with not a hint of apprehension in their face or nerves in a meeting. But my understanding has evolved. True bravery, I believe, isn’t about masking our fears or putting up a facade of invulnerability. Instead, it’s about acknowledging those fears, embracing them, and choosing to act because there’s something more profound, more meaningful that compels us. It’s the commitment to venture into the unknown, to push boundaries, and to continually seek a deeper understanding of oneself. So, when I look in the mirror and search for a word that encapsulates my essence, it unfailingly remains ‘brave’—regardless of how fearful I might appear to others.

Goals & Strength of “IN-BIGDATA”

The Worlds Times: What are your goals?

Ina Ruškienė: My foremost goal is unequivocal: To help people. At the heart of every business interaction, there’s a human connection. While the terms B2B or B2C might differentiate business models, I see beyond those labels. On paper, I might be interacting with businesses, executives, and leaders, but at its core, I am engaging with individuals. Every business decision, strategic move, and growth trajectory is propelled by people with aspirations, dreams, and challenges.

In a world dominated by data and numbers, the human element can sometimes be overshadowed. However, numbers are not just cold, lifeless digits on a screen; they carry stories, express ambitions, and define paths. My mission is to amplify these stories through numbers, guiding individuals on their journeys.

By aiding businesses in unraveling the stories embedded within their data, I am fundamentally empowering the humans behind these entities. This goes beyond quantitative success. It’s about the qualitative impact we impart on individuals’ lives. That purpose, that drive, is what I continually chase.

The Worlds Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of “IN-BIGDATA” right now?

Ina Ruškienė: Our most defining strength lies in our size, which many might initially perceive as a limitation. In the vast ocean of the data service industry, we might be a smaller vessel, but this very scale grants us agility, responsiveness, and unparalleled flexibility. Larger competitors, while formidable, often find themselves anchored by legacy systems, extensive bureaucracies, or investor expectations. We are unburdened by such constraints.

In the absence of external pressures like investors, we are empowered to make decisions rooted deeply in our core values. Every solution we present, every strategy we devise, isn’t dictated by market pressures but is a true reflection of what we believe is right for our clients. This authenticity, this unwavering commitment to our principles, sets us apart.

While others might chase quarterly targets or appease shareholders, our compass points towards genuine value creation. We’re in a unique position to pivot quickly, tailor solutions, and genuinely listen and respond to our clients’ needs. In essence, our nimbleness and integrity are not just our strengths; they define our very identity.

Path & Challenges Faced

The Worlds Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Ina Ruškienė: Tracing back the steps of my journey, I can’t help but acknowledge that the seeds for where I am today were sown much earlier than most would realize. There’s a clarity, an alignment, a harmony that I feel now, but its roots trace back to my earliest memories.

From a young age, I was enamored with the world of numbers. Math, to me, was never just about equations or algorithms; it was a puzzle, a challenge demanding a solution. It wasn’t merely about right or wrong answers; it was about the exhilarating journey of discovery. And just as with today’s data, there was a story, a narrative behind every problem that I was eager to unravel. That intrinsic love for solutions, that natural knack for numbers, was my early hint that I was destined for this path.

But I wasn’t solely a creature of logic. Parallel to this analytical inclination ran a current of creativity. My five-year stint in music school wasn’t just an extracurricular activity; it was a testament to my creative spirit. Music, much like mathematics, is about patterns, rhythms, and resolutions. This melding of analytical precision with creative exploration gave me a unique lens to approach problems, offering both structure and imagination.

Then there’s psychology. My longstanding fascination with understanding human behaviors, motivations, and emotions adds another layer to my professional identity. Although I never formally pursued psychology as a field of study, it has been invaluable in my interactions. It helps me empathize, connect, and engage with clients, partners, and my team on a deeper level. It’s not just about knowing their business needs but understanding their aspirations, fears, and motivations.

Each of these threads – my analytical prowess, my creative spirit, and my deep-seated interest in psychology – wove together to guide me here. Admittedly, the path wasn’t always clear. It took introspection and experiences, trials and tribulations, to truly understand where they converged. But when I look back now, it feels as though every step, every decision, was a piece of a grand mosaic, shaping the person and professional I’ve become today.

The Worlds Times: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome during the journey of your leadership?

Ina Ruškienė: When we talk about challenges in leadership, it’s easy to reference external factors or unexpected hurdles. But often, the most formidable challenges come from within, and my early days are a testament to that truth. When I first ventured into setting up my own business, I was straddling two worlds. On one hand, I was knee-deep in responsibilities at a bustling startup, a place where the pace never seemed to slow. On the other, I was nurturing the fledgling stages of my own dream – a venture that demanded not just time but emotional and mental bandwidth.

It felt like being pulled in two directions. The dual roles were a crucible, pushing me to my limits. Trying to excel in two places simultaneously felt like a high-wire act, with little room for error. I’ve always been driven by the desire to excel, to give everything my best shot. But there’s a threshold to stretching oneself thin, and I found myself perilously close to it, teetering on the brink of burnout.

Being in that ‘black box’ was more than just fatigue; it was an emotional maelstrom. Trying to inspire and rally a new team when you’re grappling with such internal turmoil is no mean feat. It’s akin to trying to light the path for others when you’re searching for your own beacon.

However, this very challenge brought about an epiphany. I realized I couldn’t genuinely serve either role by being half-present. It was a moment of clarity, a realization that sometimes, to move forward, you have to make hard choices. And so, I chose to fully immerse myself in my venture. That decision was transformative.

Today, when I reflect on that period, I see it as a crucible that forged my current drive. No longer divided, I am brimming with vigor, continually inspired with new ideas and innovations. My focus now? Crafting unparalleled solutions for my clients and cultivating a nurturing, value-driven environment for my team. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the toughest challenges lead to the most profound transformations.


The Worlds Times: Why did you start “IN-BIGDATA”?

Ina Ruškienė: Ever heard the saying, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself’? Well, that was me, but with a twist: ‘If you want to work right, work for yourself!’ It’s said with a touch of jest, but there’s a kernel of truth in it. My journey to establishing my company was rooted in a very personal quest – to find a professional space where I felt truly aligned and fulfilled.

The genesis of my company might sound a tad self-centered at first: I started it primarily for me. But here’s the thing, in realizing the importance of creating a space where I could thrive and feel valued, it dawned on me that this was something everyone deserved. Before I could genuinely extend that ethos to clients, partners, and my team, I had to internalize it. If I couldn’t advocate for my own worth and well-being, how could I genuinely do it for others?

Once I made the decision to create my own enterprise, my perspective shifted outward. I began considering the kind of change I wanted to bring to the industry, the type of value I wanted to offer clients, and the kind of environment I wished to cultivate for my team. It wasn’t about escaping the role of a data professional under someone else; it was about reimagining what that role could be on a larger, more impactful scale.

Today, the ethics of my company reflects this duality: a commitment to personal fulfillment that naturally extends to empowering others. We’re not just delivering data solutions; we’re changing lives. And it all started with wanting to change mine.

Vision of “IN-BIGDATA”

The Worlds Times: What do you value the most about “IN-BIGDATA” vision?

Ina Ruškienė: In the vast landscape of the data industry, it’s easy to get caught in the intricate web of numbers, charts, and algorithms. But when I think about what I value most about our company’s vision, it’s our commitment to crafting unique experiences for our customers. We aim to allow them to see data from fresh and enlightening perspectives.

Now, we’re creating new solutions tailored to diverse business industries. Our goal isn’t just to deliver data, but to seamlessly weave it into their daily operational fabric. We don’t want it to be a tedious chore or a complex interface only comprehensible to the technically inclined. Instead, we envision it as an engaging, almost game-like tool, rich with guidance and insights to aid their decision-making.

Our ethos is rooted in simplification. While we dive deep into technical complexities behind the scenes, the product presented to our users is clear and intuitive. We’re molding sophisticated technology into tools that an everyday person, especially business leaders, can leverage effortlessly.

In essence, we’re not just creating data solutions; we’re democratizing them, ensuring that they are not exclusive to the tech-savvy but accessible to all. This devotion to user-centric innovation, to make the complex simple and the mundane engaging, is the heart of our vision.

Competition & Future of “IN-BIGDATA”

The Worlds Times: What are the strategies of “IN-BIGDATA” and how do you stand unique from your competitors?

Ina Ruškienė: In our company’s philosophy, we don’t really have ‘competitors’. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. We believe that every customer seeks out the company that best resonates with their needs, working ethics, and energy. Instead of focusing on outpacing competitors, we pour our energy into understanding our clients, innovating, and ensuring that our offerings are the best they can be. Just as no two individuals in the world are identical, no two businesses are either. In that vein, we celebrate our distinctiveness just by being who we are.

If I were to encapsulate what truly sets us apart, it would be our ‘people-to-people’ approach. While data and technology form the backbone of our services, it’s the human connection, understanding, and empathy that drive our strategies. We’re not just another faceless corporation offering data solutions; we’re a team of dedicated individuals striving to create meaningful and lasting connections with our clients.

Our strategies revolve around creating tailored solutions that stem from genuine human interactions and insights. We don’t just provide data; we ensure that our solutions are a perfect fit for the unique needs and aspirations of each client. By putting people at the heart of everything we do, we don’t just stand apart from others — we redefine the very essence of service in our industry.

The Worlds Times: What are the key values which helped you to overcome the challenges in your path? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

Ina Ruškienė: In my leadership journey, honesty has always stood out as a cardinal value. The power of transparency, of owning up to one’s strengths and limitations, has been a bedrock principle. I’ve always believed that if something is outside our current capabilities, it’s better to admit it upfront. Promise what you can deliver, and then work relentlessly to exceed those expectations.

I still vividly recall an episode from the early days of our company. A prospective client inquired about recommendations from our previous customers. It was a logical ask, but given that we were just starting out, we didn’t have any. Instead of circumventing the query or making lofty claims, I was forthright. I shared that we were a fledgling firm and did not have any such recommendations yet. However, I also pledged that we would go above and beyond in our services to ensure they would be proud to be our first reference. That candidness paid off. Not only did the client decide to work with us, but they also introduced us to other businesses, and we continue to collaborate till today.

Transparency is also key when it comes to team dynamics. I encourage every member of my team to articulate the value they believe they bring to a project or task. There’s no haggling over worth. I trust that individuals have the best sense of the value they offer and what they expect in return. By ensuring that every team member feels rightly valued and recognized, we’ve cultivated an environment of mutual respect and collective ambition.

True leadership, in my eyes, isn’t about always having the answers. It’s about navigating uncertainties with integrity, building trust, and fostering a culture where honesty is more than just a buzzword; it’s a way of life.

The Worlds Times: How do you see “IN-BIGDATA” changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Ina Ruškienė: In the contemporary world, projecting even two years into the future poses a challenge, given the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of our global environment. Gone are the days when companies could chart out strategies spanning decades. Today, the essence lies in seizing the moment, embracing the present, and adapting on-the-go. We are in a race, not against competitors, but against time and the wave of incessant innovation, especially in the realm of AI and data.

That said, while it’s hard to have a fixed vision, my ambition remains rooted in certain constants. I envision my company being ‘present’ in every sense of the word—attuned to the shifts of the digital age, discerning in its selection of emerging technologies, and agile in its adaptation. My mission is to extract the essence of these shifts, make sense of them, and seamlessly weave them into the fabric of our offerings.

Looking ahead, I see us expanding—not just in numbers, but in influence and impact. We’re already experiencing a demand surge, outstripping our current capacity. This growth will not only be in terms of our team size but also the breadth and depth of the services we offer. I anticipate a stronger focus on consulting and educating businesses about the significance of data, especially small enterprises that might not yet grasp its full potential.

Furthermore, diversification will be key. Venturing into varying industry domains, offering tailored data solutions, and ensuring that each solution resonates with the unique ethos of the business it serves will be our strategy.

In essence, every change I foresee stems from a core belief: Every business is unique, and so should be the solutions we offer. This journey isn’t purely about scaling our business; it’s about genuine impact, ensuring every solution we provide resonates authentically with the narrative of the business it serves.

Benefits for Clients from “IN-BIGDATA”

The Worlds Times: What benefits are clients getting from “IN-BIGDATA” in this competitive world?

Ina Ruškienė: In today’s competitive landscape, clients are inundated with options and promises. But what sets us apart is a simple word: understanding. When clients approach us, they’re not merely seeking a service; they’re looking for a solution to a challenge they face. Our role? To be more than just service providers. We’re here to be their partners in their journey.

We dive deep into their business goals and strategies, ensuring that every recommendation we make aligns with their unique needs. Sometimes, this means advising them against a particular direction, even if it might seem counterintuitive or potentially lucrative for us. Because at the heart of our approach is a commitment to long-term relationships, not fleeting transactions.

Each client’s business becomes our business. We share their financial considerations, their aspirations, and the urgency to drive meaningful change. We’re not just providing a service; we’re crafting solutions that resonate with their story, and helping them navigate the future with confidence and clarity. This dedication to genuine partnerships is our promise in a world of competition.

Advice from Ina Ruškienė

The Worlds Times: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Ina Ruškienė: To the readers out there, I want to share a simple yet profound truth: Data isn’t just a series of numbers, charts, or graphs that might seem unapproachable or dull. It’s about the human experiences, aspirations, and narratives those figures represent. It’s a tool that, when used with intention and understanding, can inspire change, drive innovation, and help us build a future rooted in purpose.

Too often, data is presented in a manner that feels technical, distant, and, dare I say, a tad boring. Yet, it holds stories, insights, and revelations that can transform the way we think, work, and innovate. Our mission at “IN-BIGDATA” is to change that narrative, to shift the perception of data from being a complex puzzle to an enlightening story.

We want to show businesses and individuals alike that data, when visualized and presented right, becomes an accessible, powerful tool. It’s not just about numbers on a screen but about understanding our world better, making informed decisions, and paving the way for a brighter future. In essence, data is as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe – it’s all about how we choose to interact with it.

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