RASA Communication Co. Ltd stands as a prominent one-stop solution provider in the Saudi market since 2012, specializing in Telecom, IT, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic Systems, and Learning Services. The company’s vision is centered on contributing to socio-economic development, while its mission focuses on delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, exceeding customer satisfaction. Embracing adaptability, integrity, and strong leadership, RASA ensures ethical practices, led by co-founders Dr. Tariq Saud Alshenaifi and Dr. Usama Shaharyar. With a decentralized decision-making structure, a highly qualified team, and a commitment to diversity and non-discrimination, RASA Communication sets a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

RASA Communication Co. Ltd

We started the interview by asking, “Could you provide an overview of RASA Communication Co. Ltd and the wide range of solutions and services it offers in the fields of Telecom, IT, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic Systems, and Learning Services?”

Dr. Usama replied, “Rasa communication is a one-stop solution provider operating in Saudi market since 2012. Rasa provides design, product supply, installation, operation and maintenance, managed services and consultancy in Telecom, IT, Electrical, Electronics Systems, Mechanical and Civil.”

Navigating Excellence

The Worlds Times: What is the mission and vision of RASA Communication, and how do these core principles guide the company’s approach to serving its clients and contributing to society?

Dr. Usama replied,


“Our foresight is to contribute to the socio-economic development of society.”


“Our aim is to fulfill market needs by providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, products, services and consultancy with the best quality of service that exceeds customer satisfaction.

Rasa core values are in line with the vision and mission of the company. The core values push the management and the staff to work smart, efficiently and productively to achieve its goals.”

Customer-Centric Excellence

The Worlds Times: In your commitment to customers, how does RASA Communication ensure that clients receive reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, products, services, and consultancy with a focus on exceeding customer satisfaction?

Dr. Usama replied, “Rasa management and staff treat customers with priority. We work with the strategy of “customer first”. All the necessary resources are consumed to satisfy customer needs.”

Navigating Change with Expertise

The Worlds Times: Adaptability is essential in a rapidly changing business environment. How does RASA Communication demonstrate adaptability and the capacity to learn and adjust to evolving external and internal factors?

Dr. Usama replied, “Rasa believes change is the constant thing in the world. Rasa management and staff are trained to accept the changes in the external and internal environments on daily basis. Rasa creates a healthy learning environment to learn and grow.”

Upholding Ethical Standards

The Worlds Times: Integrity is a fundamental value for RASA Communication. How does the company uphold ethical principles in the face of various challenges and pressures?

Dr. Usama replied, “In today’s world, almost every task or outcome is carried out unethically. Rasa always hires people who are bonded with their beliefs and values rather than just focusing on professional and qualification skills. We believe if the person is integral then other skills can be inculcated in him or her.”

Navigating Success

The Worlds Times: Strong leadership is critical for organizational success. Can you tell us more about the top management and board members of RASA Communication, and how they contribute to sustainable growth and business expansion?

Dr. Usama replied, “Rasa Communication is cofounded by Dr Tariq Saud Alshenaifi and Dr Usama Shaharyar. Both have more than 22 years of experience. Dr Tariq brings his expertise about Saudi culture and relationships in the market. Dr Usama looks after business management. They both believe in democratic and situational leadership style where the voices of all stakeholders are heard. Their beliefs and values drive Rasa.”

Organizational Harmony

The Worlds Times: How does the management structure of RASA Communication function, with the Board of Directors, General Manager, and senior managers working together to ensure the organization’s operations, and decision-making?

Dr. Usama replied, “The entire department heads report to GM. GM reports directly to the CEO. Rasa observes de-centralized decision making.”

Empowering Success

The Worlds Times: What can you tell us about the team at RASA Communication, including their qualifications, dedication, and commitment to exceeding customer expectations?

Dr. Usama replied, “Rasa staff is highly qualified with bachelors and master’s degrees. Staffs have experience of 6 to 25 years. Each staff has individual targets which are meant to reach client satisfaction at large.”

Upholding Integrity

The Worlds Times: Business ethics are integral to the company’s operations. Could you elaborate on RASA Communication’s code of Business Ethics and how it guides the organization’s behavior and decision-making?

Dr. Usama replied, “Rasa is of the opinion that any individual who respects and follows his or her beliefs and values will be an integral part of any organization. So, one’s belief and values define the organization culture we work in.”

Fostering Equality & Employee Empowerment

The Worlds Times: What measures does RASA Communication take to ensure a diverse and non-discriminatory workplace, and how do employees have a voice in the organization’s management and recommendations?

Dr. Usama replied, “Like said in the earlier answers, Rasa strongly believes that any staff belief and values will define an individual personality. So, if the staff’s beliefs and values are grounded, then it will be eased to have a diverse and non-discriminatory workplace. Rasa always encourages staff to avoid office politics and unnecessary gossip. Democratic and situational leadership style promotes voices to be heard.”

Closing thoughts

Lastly we asked, “What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?”

“Shortcuts will bring success to selected ones that too for a limited time. To be successful, there must be consistency with smart work and dedication. Keep giving 100% and rest is decided by the GOD.” Dr. Usama concluded

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