Dr Imad Syed’s journey from Sr. Systems Engineer to CEO at PiLog Group for Middle East & APAC is a testament to the profound impact of education on career choices. Fueled by a passion for technology and the love for data, Imad has led PiLog with a clear mission, achieving milestones since its inception in Quality Data and Digital Governance. Overcoming challenges with strategic vision, the company’s global presence and adherence to international standards have driven success. Imad shares key lessons learned, highlighting PiLog’s products, services, and competitive advantages. In collaboration with SAP, the company focuses on innovation, automation, and sustained growth, offering valuable advice for budding entrepreneurs. Imad’s journey is a blend of education, passion, and business excellence, shaping the success story of PiLog Group.

Forging a Path

We started the interview by asking, “How has your education influenced your career choices and growth in this industry?”

Imad Syed replied, “Harmony, culture, decentralized governance, zero roadblocks for change, ability to prove & improve every day, non-monotonous with highly professional & competitive business.

My passion for technology changes and adoption as early bird; building business driven technology excellence and Love for Data; knowledge management; employee first notion to build strong and long lasting customer business transformation

Mission and Goals had been very simple for me, with my motive to be make organizations efficient and structured to meet dynamic business & technology demand with TOP and BOTTOM line improved by min. 10-12 percent YoY and Revenue to 50 MUSD by 2025 and 100 MUSD by 2030.”

PiLog Group’s Journey to Excellence

The Worlds Times: Can you highlight key milestones and achievements of PiLog Group since its establishment in the field of Quality Data and Digital Governance?

Imad Syed replied, “Key Challenges & Effective Management:

  • Market Penetration across Geographies and Industry Sectors was one of major challenge which was well addressed with revised geographical strategies and effective partnership management
  • Retention of knowledge base was managed effectively with career development plan; equal opportunities to progress and profit sharing models
  • Adoption of evolving technologies and synchronization of platforms to meet dynamic customer demand and huge competition was forward thinking product release plans and improved customer user experience and limited change management
  • Business plans with short term to long term longevity & sustainability had helped business to sustain in favorable and unfavorable market conditions including that of recent COVID 19 pandemic

Transformation of Employees & Customers relations to experience better.”

Dr Imad Syed’s Journey & PiLog

The Worlds Times: Could you tell us more about yourself and your business?

Imad Syed replied, “Twenty-two plus years of progressive career growth from Sr. Systems Engineer to today’s CEO, Group CIO and Board Member at PiLog Group with overall experience spanning over Twenty years speaks volumes and beyond.

Led organization initiatives from front for all value management initiatives for PiLog group development and its esteem customers in go to market, revenue management, innovations, profitability, product development and corporate advisor

Senior Executive, Digital Advisory, Visionary Leader with vast experience in conceiving & designing business, enterprise information and data quality HUB strategies for medium to large enterprises; Expertise in designing simple yet powerful strategies for data governance, management, transformation and analytics of complex system landscapes, proven track record of excelling operational efficiency & effectiveness; revolutionized the product and solution development using innovative frameworks that are agile and sustainable from the perspective of futuristic technology evolutions.

Developing & executing business strategies be it for GTM or Product or Operational management or deep & diversified Value-Engineering solutions has been core strengths over the years; Passionate to nurture, build & lead high-performance teams resulting best of both worlds in the form of Customer & Employee experience is the principle believed and proven several times by Imad Syed.

Conceived, Designed & Built the architecture of Enterprise solutions with state of the art futuristic technologies, Cloud based content micro-services (web services) with subscription models.

Conceived & designed the data lifecycle management processes such as iDataAcquisition, iDataHarmonization, iDataGovernance & iDataAnalytics for on-premise & on-cloud enterprise solutions that can be integrated on-demand across various platforms & operational systems.”

Strategic Global Footprint

The Worlds Times: How does PiLog’s global presence contribute to its success in delivering solutions, with resources operating in Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia?

Imad Syed replied, “PiLog’s simple business rules had helped it to sustain and pick up growth trajectory even during COVID 19:

  • Being sustainable, reliable and transparent in operations
  • Right and timely investment in people, process and technology
  • Having likeminded people from Board to Analyst with Zeal to learn, unlearn, perform and go that extra mile every time!!!
  • More than 40 percent of revenue is generated from existing customers showcase their confidence

Early adoption, innovation and business process focus applications, products and service lines.”

Exemplifying Excellence

The Worlds Times: Can you provide examples of how PiLog ensures compliance with international standards for seamless content integration into platforms like SAP, S4 HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Maximo, and MS Dynamics?

Imad Syed replied, “Current and near future market condition will be cautious with more and more organizations looking at opportunities to consolidate and optimize business and IT processes and investment. Though it is murky for IT products and services companies to sustain but with Innovation, Automation and Right Vision will enable IT Products, Consulting & Services Industry to blossom…

PiLog’s focus is on Data such as Master, Meta and Real Time Analytics optimization and in turn business processes that effect large industries the most on 4 M’s (Man, Machine, and Money & Material) for Extended Supply Chain & Asset Life Cycle Management.”

Demystifying Industry Perceptions

The Worlds Times: What’s a common misconception about your industry that you’d like to address?

Imad Syed replied, “PiLog’s Key Products and Services:

Key Products:

  • Data Quality HUB including Data Harmonization, Data Migration & Governance Solution for multi domain master and meta data objects with impactful tools of Industry Standards (repository, templates), ML & AI driven and IoT enabled
  • Business Partner Life Cycle Management (Vendors & Customers)
  • Business Performance Analytics Platform (Spend & Inventory Visibility)
  • Fixed Asset and iSPIR software
  • Master Data and Process Maturity Assessment Software Add On (ECA, MCA, SCM, ALM)

Key Services:

  • Cleansing Services covering Cleanse, Standardization, Categorization and Enrichment of multi domain master data
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Process Outsourcing (AR/AP, Data Management, S2P, Category Management)
    Asset and Supply Chain Process Optimization
  • Master Data and Process Maturity Assessment Software Add On (ECA, MCA, SCM, ALM)

Our Competition Advantage against product and services:

  • Wider market penetration (Geography, Verticals, Products & Services)
  • Stronger financial ability
  • Higher professional count across geography
  • More aggressive GTM strategies
  • Faster time to market
  • More investment on technology, innovation and reskilling”

    Navigating Career Waters

    The Worlds Times: What valuable lessons have you learned throughout your career?

    Imad Syed replied, “Transparent, passionate and vision based organization management

  • Be front runner in adoption and Go to Market
  • Having right set of business partner for your organizational growth
  • Challenges and problems will make you stronger to sustain & progress
  • Define and effectively manage value for internal & external engagements
  • Continual Investment on Innovations

Create a value chain within organization for better experience.”

Revolutionizing Data Governance

The Worlds Times: In co-innovation with SAP, how does PiLog implement the SAP master data governance application, and what collaborative projects or innovations have resulted from this partnership?

Imad Syed replied, “PiLog’s business plan for short to mid and long term is derived with controlled aggression with ability to manage effectively quarter by quarter meeting organizational objectives…

  • Improved profitability with increased automation, PCBs and per capita income
  • Top Line and Bottom Line Improvement above market derivations & expectations
  • Increase market penetration across geographies with strong partnership, analyst collaboration and beefing up digital marketing & sales management
  • Extend the service line and amalgamation of products to DATA Quality HUB with modular availability to customers to pick and choose on premise or on cloud

Focused Investment on Innovation Council.”

Imad’s Insights for New Entrepreneurs

Lastly we asked, “Do you have a piece of advice that you would like to say to people just starting on their business journey?”

“My two cents for budding entrepreneurs is follow simple commandments of business evolution:

  • Invest in Innovation powered by AI & Data Science
  • Transparent, passionate and vision based organization management
  • Be front runner in adoption and Go to Market
  • Having right set of business partner for your organizational growth
  • Challenges and problems will make you stronger to sustain & progress
  • Define and effectively manage value for internal & external engagements

Create a value chain within organization for better experience.” Dr Imad Syed concluded

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