About Paul Aver:

We connected with Paul Aver, the Managing Director of Frontier Path Venture Capital, and got the chance to interview him to know his success story behind.

Starting his career as a sales and business developer now, Paul Aver has become one the famous business tycoon in the Middle East helping people who are building great companies in US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Europe and other countries and who think we may be able to help them take the next step.

He is passionate about private as well as public investments with global aspirations and the potential to disrupt their sectors.

His mission is to build a smart investment bridge between investors in the GCC region and the best world class technology deals in the Silicon Valley.

Let’s Start the Interview:

The Worlds Times: When did you start your business and what is the story behind it?

Paul Aver: My partner in California and myself started Frontier Path this year; however, we had already known each other for a couple of years back at my work at the Family office in Abu Dhabi. Both of us have always had a shared passion for innovation, technology and venture investments.

The Worlds Times: What was your mission at the start of your company?

Paul Aver: The mission is to build a smart investment bridge between investors in the GCC region and the best world class technology deals in the Silicon Valley. We feel substantial potential in this opportunity and are very inspired with the feedback and results.

The Worlds Times: What services or products do you offer and how is this beneficial for people?

Paul Aver: Frontier Path Venture Capital is a multi-family office with on the ground presence in California and Dubai.

Frontier Path gives international Family Offices and GGC investors an efficient and flexible access to the best US VC deals in Silicon Valley and selectively in other regions as well as Due Diligence, financial analysis, structuring, exiting and other support.

The Worlds Times: What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

Paul Aver: We have seen the clear demand on the side of private investors and family offices to diversify into US technology investments. We have made our passion for innovation and venture investments our job and really enjoy every second of it.

The Worlds Times: Who’s on your leadership team and what’s their background?

Paul Aver: My US Partner Dr. Harneet Bath is a doctor by training who transformed himself into Venture Capitals after graduation from Kellogs Executive MBA. Two senior advisors Tamer Osman and Fabian Lares have substantial venture capital and investment banking experience in the US, Europe, Canada and GCC. I personally contribute Corporate, Venture Capital, Family Office and Investment banking experience in Germany, UK, GCC and the US.

The Worlds Times: What were you doing before you started Frontier Path Capital?

Paul Aver: I worked as a Managing Partner at Private Family investment Group NuVX Venture Capital in Dubai.

The Worlds Times: What were some challenges you faced when providing your services?

Paul Aver: Every deal and transaction is unique that makes it challenging and exciting at the same time.

The Worlds Times: How do you manage customer relationships?

Paul Aver: It is managed in a very personal, trusted and customer-focused manner. We know every investor personally and understand their needs and requirements very well.

The Worlds Times: Who are your favorite entrepreneurs to follow?

Paul Aver: Peter Thiel, Ben Horowitz, Elon Musk are very exciting to watch and follow

The Worlds Times: Would you like to say anything else to our readers?

Paul Aver: Anything is possible. Decide what you want and pursue your dreams

The Worlds Times: What are your career/company’s services plans or vision for the coming next 5 years?

Paul Aver: Our vision is to create an asset management platform with the AUM of 1bn to invest into Silicon Valley technology companies.

Website: http://www.frontierpath.co/

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