• Mr. Oscar Soler Sola is a name synonymous with excellence in Football Management and Talent Scouting. Certified by the Royal Spanish Football Federation as a Specialist in Sporting Directors from the University Camilo Jose Cela in Madrid, Spain, Oscar also holds a UEFA Coaching License and he is recognized as an International Scout and Worldwide Intermediary of Players & Technical Staff. With a Global Database boasting around 20,000 International Football Contacts spanning 140 countries, Mr. Soler Sola is a true force in the football world.
  • Oscar has direct access to many Professional Football Clubs, Sporting Directors, TOP Profiles of Head Coaches & Players (some with a former Transfermarkt Value of 150 Million €), Technical Staff, Investors, Sports Management Companies recognized worldwide, the best Representation Agencies of the world, and FIFA Registered Agents).
  • Mr. Soler Sola has 23 years of work experience, living in the professional world of sports since 2004.
  • One of Oscar’s missions is to train and develop Athletes, transmitting to them the values of sport, discipline and teamwork. Mr. Soler Sola is also a Mental Coach, with the ability to motivate and guide Athletes. Oscar is passionate about Football and like to keep abreast of the latest trends, innovations and opportunities in the field.
  • Mr. Soler Sola has extensive knowledge of world football, having also experiences like assisting as Tournament Manager for the former FC Bayern München Official Partner in North America. Oscar assisted to Global Premier Soccer in the organization of the Needham Memorial Day Tournament (the largest football tournament in North America, with more than 1000 Clubs). The Board of Directors & Technical Staff of this American Company met Pep Guardiola at the FC Bayern München facilities in Germany, to work with the same methodology in the United States.
  • Mr. Soler Sola has been Scout in Spain for the Levante U.D. (LaLiga) Youth Teams.
  • Oscar was also a semi-professional player. He made his debut in the Spanish Third Division in the year 2012.
  • Mr. Soler Sola has experiences coaching in the ITF Pro Circuit, WTA, and the ATP Tour (where Oscar’s brother-in-law, Mr. Pedro Clar Rosselló is the Coach of Casper Ruud (current World Number 8 in the PIF ATP Rankings).
  • Oscar has been coaching also in different professional academies, like Rafa Nadal Academy and PRO-AB Team (where he worked for Xavier Budó Bartomeu, current Director of Sports at FC Barcelona).
  • Recently, Mr. Oscar Soler Sola made headlines with his latest achievement: the signing of Indian Football prodigy, Suriya Selvakumar. Suriya, a former captain of Club Atlético Boca Juniors Academy India and a distinguished member of Estoril Praia – Futebol, SAD, in the Portuguese First Division Summer Elite Program for International Youth Players, he is now set to make history as one of the first Indians in German football.

In an exciting move, Mr. Soler Sola facilitated Suriya’s transition from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to Europe (UEFA), securing opportunities for him to train at renowned facilities. These include the impressive grounds of Eintracht Frankfurt, a club that boasts two UEFA Europa League Titles, and Rot-Weiss Frankfurt, a proud Partner of Eintracht where legends like Jürgen Klopp once honed their craft.

“I am delighted to announce Suriya Selvakumar’s new venture in European Football,” Mr. Oscar Soler Sola shared. “His talent and dedication are undeniable, and I have full confidence that he will excel in this new challenge.”

This groundbreaking journey for Suriya wouldn’t be possible without the support of Mr. Soler Sola’s Management Team, Suriya’s Parents, and the guidance of Sunanda Das, the Sporting Director of Boca Juniors Football School / Alchemy FA in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

This Partnership signifies more than just a Player joining a new League; it symbolizes the bridging of cultures, the exchange of expertise, and the limitless potential of talent in the football world. As Suriya embarks on this exciting chapter, we can’t help but be inspired by the dedication of individuals like Mr. Oscar Soler Sola, whose vision transcends borders and brings dreams to life on the global stage.

We eagerly await Suriya Selvakumar’s journey in European Football and wish him and Mr. Soler Sola all the success in their endeavors. This Collaboration is set to motivate not just Suriya but also aspiring footballers worldwide, demonstrating that with passion and perseverance, the sky is truly the limit.

Follow the journey of Suriya Selvakumar and stay updated on this exciting venture by following @Suriya Selvakumar.

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