Personal Life of Karolis Stasiunas

The Worlds Times: Explain your background and your Company in detail.

Karolis Stasiunas: My name is Karolis Stasiunas, I was born and raised in Lithuania. I am an entrepreneur, legacy board advisor, transformation, and performance coach. I am delegated representative for Space Vertical business development in Saudi Arabia by Express da Vinci group.

Throughout my personal journey, I have realized that true fulfillment comes from aligning our purpose with a higher calling. It is through my deep-rooted connection with spirituality and the guiding presence of God that I have found meaning and direction in my endeavors. This profound connection has shaped my approach as an entrepreneur and leader, instilling in me a sense of purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

With Express da Vinci group’s vision and Space Vertical’s innovative capabilities, we are dedicated to bringing the wonders of space tourism to Saudi Arabia and beyond. Our mission extends beyond technological advancements and economic growth; it is rooted in creating equal opportunities for all, building a conscious environment, and giving a chance to have close experience of the endless universe and vastness of our planet for people at all financial capacities.

Goals of Karolis Stasiunas

The Worlds Times: What are your goals?

Karolis Stasiunas: It’s not really a goal. It’s a vision. Our collective vision is creating opportunities and providing solutions where they are needed. What is really more important than being a good human being? it brings us closer to our own selves, it brings us together and closer to God.

As you asking about Goals, I will share one in particular that aligns with our vision. It’s a lasting partnership with Saudi Arabia’s tourism and entertainment industries, it’s our duty to have such a goal and bring this innovation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Space Vertical isn’t just an attraction, it is an astonishing tool of influence and experience. I have a saying I heard somewhere; People will forget the price they paid, but they will not forget the moments of experience they got delivered, so as we speaking now, Space Vertical is a solution to bring lasting experience and a chance to integrate Saudi Arabia vision and opportunities so people around the world have a chance to experience vast beauty and home-like environment.


The Worlds Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of “Express da Vinci group” right now?

Karolis Stasiunas: The biggest strength of the Express da Vinci group is that our solution “Space Vertical” brings a flow of resources, experience, and innovative tribute to Saudi Arabia and Other global partners we are going to work with.

Also, Our ability to provide an environmentally friendly experience of space tourism allows the equal opportunity to experience and educate consumers on a wider scale of the universe, and planet Earth without spending hundreds of thousands or burning tonnes of CO2 into our atmosphere.

Our device is made with a vision to bring achievement and certainty to people’s lives.

Saudi Arabia’s interests in the space industry can be supported by Space Vertical.

Path of success chosen by Karolis Stasiunas

The Worlds Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Karolis Stasiunas: My self I grew up in a post soviet country with a challenging childhood that educated me about the importance to appreciate what we have and striving for creation to make the world a better place. That’s why I have a strong sense of importance towards “Space Vertical” because this device if used strategically and with a clear vision can bring multiple solutions, and attract investors, tourists, and pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. We have a clear picture that Saudi Arabia has a strong vision and they are achieving it with confident steps, or I should say they are scaling towards continues growth and global establishment.

From 19 years old I’m continuously developing my mentorship style and I believe that it is one of the main reasons why I have this opportunity to be a leading entity of Space Vertical entrance to Saudi Arabia’s industry of entertainment and tourism.  These industries have a golden joint for continuing community development and improving the overall quality of life for citizens and future generations. By saying that I feel a bit sentimental… In 2017 I founded the “Sporto Loze” *translation (Sports Lodge) community project that was purely an idea of my passion to help people become better.  We were doing events and hybrid activities that brought together over 2000 Lithuanian minority immigrants in the United Kingdom from 2017 to 2020 until the coronavirus ended most physical gatherings around the world. I see a hundred and one ways in which Space Vertical can bring communities together so the world understands the real values and treasures of Saudi Arabia.

The Worlds Times: Why did you start “Legacy Coaching and Joined Express da Vinci group”?

Karolis Stasiunas: I started my mentor career because I understood a need for being on the bright side of this world, I understand a need of helping people to achieve greater experience and clarity about the world and themselves. I remember early in my life, I was about 13 years old when I asked myself If God is real, How a good believer would look like? I got an answer. Like a good human being serving fellow brothers and sisters. That’s what I do, and it is what makes me feel alive.

I have strong belief in Space Vertical’s success in the Saudi Arabia region and its effective use of it around the world to establish a more precise way of marketing and attracting new opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Space vertical brings growth, it brings awareness about the vastness of God’s creations on earth and in space…

With our device We can deliver the message in a format that will never be forgotten.

Challenges Faced During his Leadership

The Worlds Times: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome during the journey of your leadership?

Karolis Stasiunas: Ability to see opportunities and seize them. I also strongly believe that individual or collective capacity to identify and seize great opportunities can bring tremendous ROI and Longevity to the ones who are able to conquer the chance. I see that our entrance to Saudi Arabia, and focus on a life-long partnership can be that precise opportunity for more than a couple of sides.

Its a great opportunity for citizens of Saudi Arabia, for Visitors, and for future ventures that can be promoted and experienced with Space Vertical program.

I can also add that in my personal life one of the biggest challenges was faith beyond doubt. After I allowed God to guide me and take care of my soul in faith so strong that I can’t negotiate with it, all my challenges suddenly became gifts and blessings.

Vision & Updates

The Worlds Times: Give us one word that describes you the best.

Karolis Stasiunas: VISION

The Worlds Times: What do you value the most about “Express da Vinci group” vision?

Karolis Stasiunas: Equal opportunity to experience and achieve conscious growth and development of communities around the world. Express da Vinci group created Space Vertical as a huge solution for the space tourism high price industry and the environmental damage that is created by space tourism.

The Worlds Times: How do you stay informed on the latest updates to the field? Karolis Stasiunas: Our company has a great team of thriving individuals who are always on top of the news and has a clear vision of what is possible to achieve.

My role is to achieve a balance between the Vision of the Express da Vinci group and the Vision of Saudi Arabia. I’m always in action, my eyes are always aiming to make another day count as a great day by bringing solutions, improving someone’s life, or helping them to make one more confident step towards inner liberation.

The Worlds Times: What are the key values which helped you to overcome the challenges in your path? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

Karolis Stasiunas: Vision.Compassion. Faith. Discipline.
By being compassionate we are able to see more chances of healing, growing, and innovating, by having faith we allow God’s will to our lives and experiences, by having discipline we allow everything to unfold and Vision to become reality.

Memorable incident… many of them to be honest. Maybe one of the recent memorable incidents about leadership was a conversation with my teenage brothers to whom I am a guardian and brother. The conversation was about them being worthy of respect. We often look to children as they are someone less “important” than adults when in fact they are fully equal just in the stage of personal growth with less information than adults. After that conversation, I noticed a change in taking responsibility and taking action without seeking reassurance. For a leader I believe there is nothing more important than seeing youth taking the role of leadership and autonomy.

Future of Express da Vinci group

The Worlds Times: How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Karolis Stasiunas: If we establish common grounds with the private sector and government of Saudi Arabia, I see lasting partnership, increased tourism, elevated entertainment experience, and a tremendous amount of influence being delivered through Space Vertical around the world with a Goal to bring awareness to the success of Saudi Arabia vision and goals. If we find mutual interests of manufacturing point we can achieve greater cooperation in the long run.

The Worlds Times: What benefits are your clients getting from “Express da Vinci group” in this competitive world?

 Karolis Stasiunas: The solution, Innovation, Equality, Opportunity, a Way to achieve growth objectives with ease and technological advantage.

Advice for readers from Karolis Stasiunas

The Worlds Times: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Karolis Stasiunas: My role is to bring all my knowledge and gifts together with Space Vertical to Saudi Arabia, it will be a big honor to have a chance of experiencing the unfolding future of Saudi Arabia and its people.