Story Of Bayat Group 30 Years of Pure Passion To Deliver!: Every company has a story of its own going on for years, starting with its inception. From starting up with a few members to creating a whole organization. The same goes for Bayat Group, which has been in the game for about 30 years.

We wanted to capture where these past 30 years have taken the Bayat Group. That’s why we interviewed the 2 leaders, Sam Bayat, the Founder and CEO, and Pej Mohyeddin, the Managing Director of Bayat Group. Let’s hear it all.

The Story About It All

bayat group

Established in 1993 and headquartered in Dubai ever since its inception, Bayat Group has fast become a household name in the investment migration circuit, which always goes the extra mile for clients while placing integrity at the very core of its ethos.

The fact that the law firm will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year in an industry notorious for cut-throat competition that routinely sees newcomers go under just as swiftly as they pop up is no small feat either. Having initially started and made a name for himself as the sole UAE-based provider of Canadian Permanent Residence, founder Sam Bayat was quick to clock the burgeoning demand for alternative citizenship in the Gulf, where expatriates enjoy little to no sense of belonging.

Needless to say, his intuition has paid off as the company boasts a footprint in 10 different jurisdictions today with a team of highly-qualified consultants from diverse ethnic backgrounds who take immense pride in upholding the deeply-ingrained values and ethics synonymous with Bayat.

Beyond its steadfast commitment to delivering excellence and being the go-to entity for anyone even remotely interested in second passports or domicile diversification, what sets Bayat apart from its rivals is that they do not resort to mainstream marketing as a means of generating brand awareness. By establishing long-lasting bonds with those who confided in the organization to fulfill their immigration needs, it is largely through word of mouth that new prospects hear about Bayat Group and never look back.


Tell us what makes Bayat Group unique from its competitors.

They replied, “Our multidisciplinary professional team adds more than 60 years of experience and expertise. We not only assist our clients with the choice of destination best suited to them. We even offer valuable advice post-citizenship process on different economic matters, as mentioned below, to achieve complete freedom for you. Our thorough knowledge of various laws prevailing in different countries sets us apart and creates a bond of trust. We look forward to providing our best services to our clients. Our expertise, in a nutshell, is briefly mentioned herewith;

  • Business migration and corporate immigration
  • Employment law
  • Real estate law
  • Offshore trust and tax planning”

“We noticed that you specialize in multiple citizenship and residency by investment programs. Please tell us what they are.” We asked.

The Bayat Group team leaders reply:


Citizenship by investment (CBI) describes policies that allow individuals to obtain foreign citizenship in exchange for investment and/or government donation. CBI programs legally grant citizenship status to foreign investors in a short period compared to the traditional naturalization processes. It is also known as Economic Citizenship.


A residence by investment (RBI) describes policies that allow individuals to gain a foreign residence in exchange for investment and/or government donation. Typically, investors obtain temporary residence status, often known as Golden Visas, and after a certain period, they can apply for permanent residence and then citizenship through naturalization.



Immigration programs allow foreigners to relocate to the host country together with their family members and obtain residence status there, which can lead to citizenship. Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States of America are the principal countries allowing applications for permanent residents.  


If you are interested in migrating, you need to know that there are several categories when applying for permanent residency. You can apply as a skilled worker, an entrepreneur, or through various other programs like start-up visas and artist visas. 

We know that you provide services related to a second passport. But why do people need a second passport?

“There are many reasons why wealthy individuals should consider an alternative citizenship in today’s ever-changing world, but not limited to security, ease of travel, tax, and financial planning and internal political situations.”

A second passport unlocks the door to many international options like quality education, status symbol, endless business opportunities, retirement planning, etc. It allows you to invest, bank, reside and do business in places that you could not before. More options mean more freedom and opportunity.”

So, basically, what are its advantages?

They said, “Well, the advantages of having a second passport include the following:

  • Visa-free travel to key and many locations
  • Favorable Tax benefits
  • Dual citizenship
  • No residency requirement before or after the application
  • Lifetime citizenship
  • Transferable citizenship to future generations
  • Avoiding political and economic instability
  • Retirement and the perfect lifestyle
  • Irrevocable citizenship for a family transferable to further generations
  • Payments in Cryptos are allowed
  • Tax optimization and a business-friendly environment
  • No language tests and interviews.
  • Quick and straightforward application process.”

We also asked, “What’s your biggest strength?”

“Our networking and clients’ faith are our strengths. BLS are officially Authorised Government Agents for more than 7 countries worldwide to process documentation for potential second passport seekers. Having worldwide offices helps us understand the hands-on situation of any particular country we represent, besides updating our discerning clientele about the current affairs of any particular country in question.

BLS has an unparalleled track record of success in migration with the utmost professionalism. We are very proud of our efficiency and dignity in representing our esteemed clients and, finally, providing the most cost-effective service to achieve the best results.” Sam and Pej say.

When we asked, “How’s your approach to work in terms of serving clients?”

Pej replied, “Our approach is honesty, integrity, responsibility, & trust.”

We also asked Sam Bayat, “What’s your main objective?”

“Our mission is to be the Middle East’s distinguished migration/citizenship law firm, to understand and help all those individuals and families with a global ambition to settle in more secure locations worldwide.

Bayat Legal Services is committed to inferring the needs of successful and affluent individuals by providing insightful guidance appropriately and in an innovative manner tailored to their demands. To achieve optimum results for our high-profile clients, empower them with legal knowledge, and eventually secure a ‘Plan B’ in case of political, social, or economic turmoil.” he replied.

Lastly, we asked them, “What are your values?”

With that, the leaders continued, “We believe in equal opportunities for all. We are the custodians of law as per the mandate offered by the respective governments we represent. We invariably extend the same to the benefit of our discerning clients as the main core value.

Advising our discerning clients honestly and establishing integrity, accepting responsibility, and respecting their final decision is the fundamental value system we dwell in.

It is the essence of our professionalism to maintain our client’s privacy at all times and guide them to achieve what they have approached us for.

Bayat Legal Services has been one of the most trusted and professional immigration & citizenship legal lawyers since 1993.”

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