Personal Life & Experiences of Pieter Claudel

The Worlds Times: Explain your background, the book you wrote and “Charlotta Carlson” brand in detail.

Pieter Claudel: From my young age, I have been in commerce. At 8, like many other kids, I was selling his own tools to my dad. But at 14, I actually really started to work in sales in Video games in same time than my studies of course. I am proud to say that I could cover all my expenses, (business school…) not depending on my parent’s finance as we were from a very humble social environment. And at the age of 24, after my Master in Business, I started my journey in cosmetic leading to 20 years’ experience in the beauty business. From Retail, opening and developping 100’s of stores, to e-commerce, wholesale and now trading worldwide … my staff, colleague and customers say that I am an enthusiastic and highly experienced ret@il and omnichannel leader with a strong background in worldwide beauty markets. My background reflects a deep expertise in the beauty, cosmetics, and fashion industries. My ability to develop strong distributor, importer, and wholesaler networks worldwide is evident with a proven track record of successfully expanding business across Europe, Africa, Americas, Oceania and especially Asia.

I would say that what supported the most the development of my career is a set of skills which includes an “employee entrepreneur” mindset. And I develop this concept in my book named: “Inpreneur – New vision of the employee with an entrepreneurial mentality”.

Over my 20 years’ journey, I’ve showcased leadership and a knack for crafting and executing strategies on a global scale. From retail manager to roles as a General Manager, or Executive Director I could demonstrate my capacity to oversee diverse teams, manage key accounts, develop brand and marketing strategies and foster harmonized omni-channel strategies internationally in beauty and cosmetics.

My proficiency in enhancing brand awareness and managing multi-brand portfolios that I have done as consultant for hundreds of brands, aligns well with the diverse offerings of the brand Charlotta Carlson which is the latest brand that I helped as consultant in its creation, launch and expansion.

I wanted to bring Charlotta Carlson all my experience in international business development, team leadership, recruitment, and organizational management especially my adaptability in cross-functional and multicultural environments.

Not mentioning that I could bring all my knowledge in terms of product Development, brand creation from marketing point of view but also from legal and administrative perspective. Buying, sourcing, packaging, and pricing demonstrates my grasp of the entire product lifecycle. Additionally, my expertise in demand planning, inventory control, and supply chain management ensures optimal business operations.

About “Charlotta Carlson” (Skin Care & Fashion Brand)

The Worlds Times: Tell us more about “Charlotta Carlson” ?

Pieter Claudel: Timeless legacy of style, natural efficiency and respect of nature are gathered to surround your body and mind to reach the real luxe.

These are the words about Charlotta Carlson, who creates and distributes eco-friendly products in Beauty, Cosmetic, Makeup, Fragrance, Fashion, handbags and accessories.

All products of skin care, makeup and Fragrance are Made in France. Charlotta Carlson is the name of the great grandmother in the family Carlson, back in the early 1800’s, well known in the family for her knowledge of couture and usage of plants for well-being. And the brand takes its roots and inspiration from its origin, France and Sweden of the family members.

Goals of Pieter Claudel

The Worlds Times: What are your goals?

Pieter Claudel: All my career I searched for meaningful sense into the brands and the jobs I worked for.  I can clearly say that I always been in an enthusiastic environment rather than being at “work”. Indeed, my passion for health & beauty and fashion industries, especially in natural cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and other related industries, adds a personal touch to my professional journey.

It is important to me that I feel totally confident about the product I place in the customer’s hands.

So my goal to support Charlotta Carlson is also for this reason. Indeed, I wanted to help spread at my humble level the good values of Charlotta Carlson brand in the beauty and cosmetics landscape. Their products provide to the skin, body and mind, ultra-effective proven results products in a premium timeless lifestyle and eco-friendly manner.

And last but not least, as Charlotta Carlson is in a start-up feeling with fast Business Expansion, it matched my mindset as I describe in the book  I recently wrote that I mentioned above: “the Inpreneur”.

Work Life of Pieter Claudel

The Worlds Times: What are the bridges between your book and your consultancy for Charlotta Carlson ?

Pieter Claudel: Charlotta Calson is a brand owned by its family 100% – not from a big group nor a fund – which allow them to be more proactive and totally independent. And the owners’ philosophy allows to open much more freedom and wider range of opportunities to their collaborators and consultants. This matches totally the “Inpreneur” concept that I develop in my book.

The Worlds Times: Tell us more about your book on your new concept: The Inpreneur ?

Pieter Claudel: In economic activities, normally there are entrepreneurs, employees who are executives or not, but also more recently intrapreneurs, and here are now the inpreneurs.

All along my career, I took note of behaviors of my colleagues, my staff, myself… and in this book, it is a question of highlighting a whole category of people working in companies, but who are not entrepreneurs since they are employees, nor creators of new concepts, products, services or other innovations… as defined in the concept of intrapreneur, but who goes beyond their areas of expertise for the success of the business as if it were their own business, therefore in the idea of ​​an “employee entrepreneur” that I call the inpreneur.

Inpreneurship refers to a way of thinking, an attitude and the initiatives of employees in organizations to undertake tasks, often without even being asked to do so, but because they have identified it as beneficial to reach goals, to achieve their objectives and the creation of value within the company for the good of the latter.

As the behavioral content of the inpreneur is still unexplored, I review in my book the relevant literature, my personal experiences in international management for twenty years in business and a reflection in order to put in place this concept.

The book illustrates the profile and relevant behaviors of an inpreneur, even if not exhaustive. His behavior within existing organizations, such as proactivity, understanding of the environment, perception of opportunities, persuasion, taking initiative, thinking outside the box plus a certain degree of risk taking… whatever the market, or the geographic area in emerging countries or not.

The book then discusses the similarities and differences between inpreneurship, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, but also with perspectives vis-à-vis managers and employee shareholders.

Last but not least, the book explores the roads for implementing this mode of operation within a company, and is intended as a prelude to future empirical work, developing or even structuring Inpreneurship. Opposite to the corpus of management books existing already and embellished with my field experience, I wish to bring, through this sharing, solutions at my humble level to improve the performance of people who are in this category and the companies with their management of these inpreneurs eventually member of their team, to secure mutual understanding and gain performance from this.

Inpreneurship: the recognition of a crucial concept for your and companies’ performance.

And I could feel that mindset during my cooperation with Charlotta Carlson.

Strength of “Charlotta Carlson”

The Worlds Times: Back to Charlotta Carlson, what do you feel is the biggest strength of “Charlotta Carlson” brand right now?

Pieter Claudel: Unveiling the Defining Strength of Charlotta Carlson: Where efficiency meets authenticity.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the beauty and fashion industry, a remarkable brand has emerged as a beacon of authenticity, efficiency, lifestyle and respect of environment: Charlotta Carlson.

Indeed, Charlotta Carlson seamlessly bridges the worlds of beauty and fashion. From skincare essentials that nurture the skin’s health to stylish accessories that elevate personal style, the brand offers a holistic approach to self-expression and self-care through efficient skin care and fashion classic lifestyle, hand-made. Yes, their fashion accessories are hand made.

In a market saturated with products, Charlotta Carlson stands out by embodying a unique combination of qualities and values that positions it for resounding success. At the heart of its triumph lies strengths that define its identity and resonate with its discerning clientele.

The Power of Authenticity and Transparency

In an age where authenticity is prized above all else, Charlotta Carlson shines by upholding a commitment to transparency and authenticity. Rooted in both Sweden and France, and made in France following vegan and bio manufacturing process, the brand’s dedication to using premium, traceable ingredients resonates with a modern audience that seeks honesty and integrity in their beauty and fashion choices. In a world where greenwashing and empty promises abound, Charlotta Carlson’s unwavering dedication to genuine quality sets it apart as a brand that can be trusted.

Global Vision, Global Impact

Using my 20 years of experience in global leadership, management and worldwide market expansion, Charlotta Carlson possesses an unparalleled ability to navigate diverse markets. The brand’s global presence isn’t just a geographical advantage; it’s a testament to its adaptability and insight into the needs and desires of various cultures. With a capacity to export worldwide, Charlotta Carlson’s reach knows no bounds, enabling it to resonate with a wide array of customers.

A Beacon of Sustainability

In a world increasingly concerned about sustainability, Charlotta Carlson’s eco-conscious practices stand as a testament to its forward-thinking approach. The brand’s commitment to responsible sourcing, ethical manufacturing, and eco-friendly packaging aligns seamlessly with the values of conscious consumers. Take a particular look at the Sun protection product SPF 50 which uses in its formula sun filters not harming the ocean and still highly protect the skin against UVA and UVB. It’s a remarkable innovation!

In addition, Charlotta Carlson has developed a foundation to develop bio-diversified garden in urban or rural environment to implement back endemic species as well as to boost nature back in place. They like to call it in the family the “jardin sacré” – the holy garden.

Path & Challenges Faced

The Worlds Times: What do you think is the biggest challenge for a skin care firm?

Pieter Claudel: In the realm of the skincare industry, where beauty and science converge, lies a formidable challenge that reverberates throughout the corridors of countless skincare firms. This challenge, akin to navigating a shifting terrain, is none other than the relentless evolution of consumer expectations.

In an era defined by unprecedented access to information, heightened environmental consciousness, and the rise of personalized experiences, skincare firms find themselves at the crossroads of innovation and adaptation.

The pursuit of skincare solutions is no longer confined to achieving mere cosmetic enhancements; it encompasses a holistic approach that aligns with individual values and to showcase a lifestyle surrounding the brands – an identity based on efficiency (via the beauty products) and lifestyle.

As consumers demand personalized products, sustainable formulations, ingredient transparency, and clinical efficacy, skincare firms must unravel the intricate tapestry of consumer preferences to thrive. The interplay between scientific advancements, ethical considerations, meaningful approach to the community, regulatory landscapes, and the digital age weaves a complex narrative that requires a deft response. The skincare firm that navigates this challenge with finesse and ingenuity will not only master the art of addressing consumer needs but also orchestrate a symphony of innovation that resonates across the dynamic landscape of the beauty economy.

Vision & Strategies of “Charlotta Carlson”

The Worlds Times: What do you value the most about “Charlotta Carlson” vision?

Pieter Claudel: Within the intricate fabric of the beauty and luxury industry, the visionary essence of “Charlotta Carlson” emerges as a paradigm of profound resonance. The crux of its vision lies not merely in the pursuit of commercial triumph but in its resolute commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and holistic allure and style. This steadfast dedication to values beyond profit margins stands as a remarkable testament to the evolution of business paradigms. At its core, “Charlotta Carlson” weaves a narrative that intertwines nature’s bounty, technological innovation, and the aspirations of a discerning clientele. In a landscape where consumer empowerment and conscientious choices reshape economic landscapes, the brand’s emphasis on traceable ingredients, transparent practices, and an unwavering connection to nature transcends superficial transactions. In the grand tapestry of economic discourse, “Charlotta Carlson” holds a thread that reflects the symbiosis between economic prosperity and a vision that transcends expansion with respect for Human and Nature – a thread that may illuminate new avenues for businesses seeking purpose and resonance in an ever-evolving marketplace.


The Worlds Times: What are the strategies of “Charlotta Carlson” and how do you stand unique from others?

Pieter Claudel: Amidst the intricate symphony of strategies that define modern business landscapes, the case of “Charlotta Carlson” stands out in differentiation and strategic finesse. This brand navigates the currents of the beauty and fashion industry with a compass uniquely calibrated for authenticity, sustainability, and a profound connection with its discerning clientele. The pillars of its strategy echo in harmony, rooted in a commitment to traceable ingredients, eco-conscious practices, and a genuine narrative that transcends superficial marketing ploys, but only focus on beauty efficiency and eco-friendly avoiding green washing bla-bla. As the tides of consumer consciousness shift toward values-driven engagement, “Charlotta Carlson” strikes a chord by resonating with the aspirations of a new breed of consumers who seek alignment with their personal ethos.

In a realm marked by fleeting trends and ephemeral fads, this brand’s unwavering commitment to natural efficacy, timeless elegance for long term existence, and holistic well-being secures its distinction. While many competitors strive for quick wins, “Charlotta Carlson” embraces the longer horizon, manifesting in products that celebrate both beauty enhancements and enduring health. The synergy of elegance and efficiency, naturalness and innovation, elevates the brand to a vantage point where it defies conventional paradigms.

In an economic landscape where a brand’s resonance hinges on a harmonious blend of profitability and purpose, “Charlotta Carlson” transcends the transactional. It presents a strategic tapestry woven with threads of authenticity, global vision, and a shared commitment to sustainability. The brand’s legacy isn’t solely about financial triumph; it embodies a vision that recognizes the harmonious interplay between commerce to develop its collaborators responsibly, conscientiousness for its sustainable impact, and consumer connection. In an economic narrative often shaped by utilitarian considerations, “Charlotta Carlson” emerges as an evocative tale of how businesses can harness strategic uniqueness to forge an enduring bond with a world increasingly yearning for meaningful engagements.

Charlotta Carlson provides to the skin, body and mind, ultra-effective proven results products in a premium timeless lifestyle and eco-friendly manner.

Its skin care lines use rare premium ingredients in its skin care as Golden Collagenine for anti aging or also Diamond or wheat for brightening and natural ingredients in its formula and non-harmful ingredients. In addition, they use renewable material (glass, eco-friendly carton box) and created product as much as possible multi-function to reduce time in the routine of our customers yet still efficient for beauty. Minimalist and efficient beauty!

Its makeup uses natural ingredients and a packaging UV treated avoiding it to get scratched in the bag or in contact with keys…

Its fashion collections use eco-friendly material as ecofriendly strings, renewable material and hand made.

Knowledge & Future

The Worlds Times: What are some common beauty mistakes people make?

Pieter Claudel: From a user’s perspective, the misstep of forgoing a consistent skincare regimen, undervaluing the importance of sun protection, or erring in the selection of inappropriate cream for their skin can have a ripple effect. If you add to this, consumer eagerness for immediate results, it often leads to overlooking critical considerations such as ingredient analysis, potential allergies, or suitability for their skin type. In addition, consumers may simply purchase by the packaging which is often just a “green washing” product, or also impulse buying driven by captivating marketing campaigns or the allure of fleeting trends… all this to exemplify the influence of psychological triggers on purchasing decisions. These errors for the skin, or simply just that people have no time to check deeply the brands they purchase, increase disappointment and need for serious brands, multiplied across a consumer base, lead to an increased demand for corrective products and treatments, thus shaping market trends.

Moreover, misusing skincare products through excessive application or erratic schedules can disrupt the delicate balance of the skin’s natural processes. This creates a cycle of product dependency, as endorsed by many brands suggesting up to 10 products for a morning or night routine!!! But where the very solutions sought by consumers become the catalysts for repeated transactions.

These collective missteps collectively fuel a perpetual cycle of product consumption, forging a symbiotic relationship between consumer choices and the beauty industry’s offerings. Thus, the nuanced intersection of individual preferences and economic influences underscores the multifaceted nature of these common beauty mistakes, encapsulating both personal choices and broader market dynamics.

Thus, the overlooked significance of research, selective purchasing, and informed application converges to usage of simple, multi-function products as Charlotta Carlson created in a way to provide efficient support to user’s skin, and yet with style!

The Worlds Times: How do you see the company changing in three years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Pieter Claudel: Envisioning the trajectory of a company’s evolution is akin to forecasting economic shifts—a complex amalgamation of variables and strategies. In the span of three years, the expansion of the company can be characterized by a refined alignment with consumer preferences, regulatory shifts, and technological advancements within the ever-evolving beauty landscape. As an instrumental catalyst, my role assumes a multifaceted dimension in the set-up, entailing adept navigation of market dynamics and strategic innovation. By meticulously deciphering consumer trends, fostering collaborations with research and development to launch new multi-function products, keep its classic authentic style and honing the brand’s narrative to resonate with sustainability, I envision steering the company toward a pinnacle of relevance and resilience. Its expansion shall be done with importers and distributors per country, to partner with, but yet remaining a brand totally family owned to keep independent.

Additionally, I envision nurturing partnerships, cultivating a network that echoes the global shifts in beauty ideals and demands, obviously with influencers but also through word of mouth of consumers that is the best positive sounds a brand can get and still proves further the trust in the products beauty efficiency to speak for themselves.

Benefits for Clients

The Worlds Times: What benefits are clients getting from your products?

Pieter Claudel: It delivers efficient beauty result to your skin issue, hand-made qualitative fashion design, all this with ethical and classic style.

Products of “Charlotta Carlson” are not just skincare and beauty solutions; they are the embodiment of a transformative experience that transcends the surface. When clients embrace its range, they’re embracing the pinnacle of efficacy, and authenticity. Imagine skin that glows with the radiance of nature’s finest ingredients, nurtured by decades of expertise in beauty science. Picture yourself draped in the rare ingredients meticulously crafted to uphold the ideals of sustainable beauty, where each formulation tells a story of ethics and innovation. Its clients are not merely purchasing products; they’re investing in an elevated lifestyle that encompasses confidence, well-being, and a journey towards their most authentic self.

So, what are the benefits its clients receive? It’s the empowerment to radiate confidence, the indulgence of lifestyle with a conscience, and the privilege of unveiling their true, timeless beauty.

Welcome to “Charlotta Carlson,” where beauty is a journey and every product is a step toward your best self.

Advice from Pieter Claudel

The Worlds Times: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Pieter Claudel: Absolutely, esteemed viewers/readers, allow me to impart a perspective that transcends the conventional notions of business and economics. In the dynamic arena of commerce, success isn’t solely quantified by profit margins or market share; it’s the symphony of purpose and innovation that resonates through every endeavor. As you navigate the intricate tapestry of opportunities, remember that the pursuit of excellence is intertwined with an unwavering commitment to authenticity, sustainability, legacy to next generation and consumer resonance.

Economic prowess, at its zenith, mirrors the alignment of values with vision. Embrace disruption as a harbinger of growth, seize inpreneur style of your team members as vehicles for transformation as I describe it in my book “Inpreneur – New vision of the employee with an entrepreneurial mentality”, and foster collaborations as instruments of collective progress. As a staff or as a manager in your position in a company, do not block yourself if you feel your mindset is like an inpreneur. Allow yourself to explore that part as I explore it in my book which will help you to develop your career to next level. The economic landscape is a canvas, awaiting the bold strokes of visionaries who dare to infuse it with colors of ingenuity, ethics, and boundless potential.

Embrace the ethos of “Charlotta Carlson,” where the paradigm shifts from transactions to experiences, where the journey is as enriching as the destination. Your ventures are more than balance sheets; they’re narratives of impact, catalysts of change, and manifestations of enduring legacies. Let purpose illuminate your path, and let your economic endeavors be a testament to the harmonious convergence of innovation, authenticity, and societal betterment.

This is your invitation to redefine not just economic success, but the very essence of what it means to shape our world’s future.

Note, coming soon: (under preparation)

Book available in French and soon in English:

Inpreneur – Nouvelle vision du salarié à la mentalité d’entrepreneur.

Inpreneur – New vision of the employee with an entrepreneurial mentality

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