About DIOP Abderrahmane:

DIOP Abderrahmane is a nutritionnist/dietician and specialist in food safety. He is also the President of the Mauritanian Association for Nutrition, Food and Health (AMNAS).

Nutritionist and food safety consultant. Defender of the African Youth Charter in Mauritania.

Let’s Start the Interview:

The Worlds Times: What is Conseiller en Nutrition? 

DIOP Abderrahmane:Nutrition Advisor is aimed at individuals, companies and professionals wishing to make an appointment with a professional in order to solve a food and/or nutritional problem. Nutrition Advisor offers you services adapted to your needs thanks to its experts.

The Worlds Times: What was your mission at the start of your company?

DIOP Abderrahmane: By Looking at the the number of health issues increasing day by day  our mission is to Support our customers in adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle and creating and developing a better relationship between our customers & their food.

The Worlds Times: What services or products do you offer and how is this beneficial for people?

We provide our services to local business government and community organizations. Our services includes:

Diet consultation Services: If you have nutritional problem and you want to solve it, we will help you to re-learn how to eat properly or simply take stock of your diet today.

Trainings Services : We offer a range of training courses in the areas of food and nutrition. Intra or inter, we can offer you individual or tailor-made training for your team or your company, according to your expectations or your problem.

Consulting​ Services: Whether you are a start’up, GIE, women’s cooperative, food processor and/or agri-food SME, Nutrition Advisor can help you in the development of your products.

The Worlds Times: What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

DIOP Abderrahmane: Well health and healthy food always have been on demand and if we are able to consult to the people and can give them a direction towards good health so it will not only help us but our society will be healthy.

The Worlds Times: What were you doing before you started Conseiller en Nutrition?

DIOP Abderrahmane: I worked as a Nutrition Assistant in Nouakchott and then I worked as a Agroecology trainer.

The Worlds Times: What were some challenges you faced when providing your services?

DIOP Abderrahmane: It is very challenging because every person has different questions and issues hence it is unique that makes it challenging and exciting at the same time.

The Worlds Times: How do you manage customer relationships?

DIOP Abderrahmane: Supporting our customers in adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle and creating and developing a better relationship between our customers & their food.

The Worlds Times: Would you like to say anything else to our readers?

DIOP Abderrahmane: Our main objectives is to Know and understand the basics of the quality system of food products. We always define a quality policy and implement an action plan. We create and maintain a food safety management system.

The Worlds Times: What are your career/company’s services plans or vision for the coming next 5 years?

DIOP Abderrahmane: Accelerating improvements in global health and well-being though food and nutrition.

Website: https://nutriconseiller.com/

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