Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has actually contacted regulatory authorities to examine a power drink advertised by top-level You Tubers KSI and also Logan Paul.

Mr Schumer alleges the drink is being targeted at youngsters despite its high caffeine content.

Prime Power contains 200mg of caffeine per can, which is nearly two times the quantity in rival power drink Red Bull.

Each drink carries a caution stating that it is not recommended for kids under the age of 18.

However, Mr Schumer affirmed that Prime Power was packaged and marketed “in close to identical kind” as a caffeine-free drink from the brand.

Therefore, some moms and dads had actually unconsciously purchased the caffeinated drink for their kids, he told reporters in New York on Sunday.

“The FDA [Fda] have to examine PRIME for its unreasonable caffeine web content and also its advertising and marketing targeting youngsters on social media,” he later stated on Twitter.

Prime did not quickly respond to a BBC ask for remark.

In 2022, Logan Paul as well as KSI – who have around 48 million YouTube followers between them – introduced the caffeine-free Prime Hydration drink.

It quickly came to be an on-line feeling, sparking long lines as well as also headfirst studies shelves at stores.

The caffeinated Prime Power drink was released in January this year. It is promoted by the business as being sugar-free as well as vegan.

A warning on each can of the drink mentions that it is not suggested for kids under the age of 18, individuals that are sensitive to high levels of caffeine, expecting women or women that are nursing.

Some colleges all over the world have sent warnings regarding Prime drinks or prohibited them altogether.

Earlier this year, the Milton Main School in Newport, Wales sent out a message to parents alerting them not to perplex the caffeinated and non-caffeinated variations of the beverage after a pupil dropped ill beyond college hrs.

Meanwhile, the Mary borough State Secondary School in Queensland, Australia issued a ban on energy drinks.

“There are some brand-new energy or hydration drinks that have lately hit the marketplace … several of which have 4 TIMES the high levels of caffeine or energizer as ‘routine’ power drinks,” the school claimed in a post on Facebook.

“These can cause substantial problems in students with (possibly unknown) health concerns,” it included.