In a resounding victory for Indian gastronomy, the Kerala-based premium chocolate brand, Paul and Mike, soared to new heights by clinching several accolades at the esteemed International Chocolate Awards 2023 held in Florence, Italy, on November 26, 2023.

While Indian chefs and restaurants have garnered widespread recognition and prestigious awards in 2023, Paul and Mike’s success underscores the global impact of homegrown companies in the culinary realm.

Competing against renowned chocolate makers from diverse corners of the globe, including Taiwan, Japan, the USA, Denmark, Germany, and Italy, the Indian brand made an indelible mark on the international chocolate stage.

The crowning moment for Paul and Mike came when two of its chocolates secured positions in the prestigious top 25 at the awards ceremony.

Notably, its Gin and Ginger dark chocolate achieved an extraordinary feat by claiming the 9th spot, marking a historic milestone as no other Indian company had previously cracked the top 10.

This remarkable chocolate also earned the 2nd position in the ‘Dark chocolate with inclusions or pieces’ category, receiving an impressive score of 92.1.

In the same category, the company’s 64% Dark Beer Chocolate scored a commendable 90, while its 64% Dark Rum & Rummy Raisins Chocolate garnered an impressive score of 89.8. Additionally, Paul And Mike’s Sichuan Pepper & Orange Peel chocolate secured the 23rd position overall, boasting a score of 91.1.

Paul And Mike, headquartered in Kochi, Kerala, stands out not only for its exceptional chocolate creations but also for its commitment to quality sourcing and craftsmanship.

The company distinguishes itself by fermenting cocoa on its own farms in Kochi and Coimbatore, while also sourcing cocoa beans from progressive farmers in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

The recognition garnered by Paul And Mike at the International Chocolate Awards is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the realm of chocolate making.

Breaking barriers and defying expectations, the brand has not only elevated Indian chocolate craftsmanship on the global stage but has also set a precedent for other homegrown companies aspiring to make an impact internationally.

The finale ceremony in Florence served as a platform for the convergence of the finest chocolatiers worldwide, and Paul And Mike’s triumph has positioned them among the elite in the global chocolate industry.

As the brand continues to blend tradition with innovation, its success at the International Chocolate Awards 2023 serves as an inspiration for the Indian culinary landscape, reinforcing the notion that excellence knows no borders.

In conclusion, Paul And Mike’s remarkable achievements at the International Chocolate Awards 2023 underscore the evolving landscape of Indian gastronomy, with the brand’s innovative and high-quality offerings leaving an indelible mark on the international chocolate scene.



Last Updated: 22 December 2023