Órama -South Africa, we are finally here!

Exciting news as the board of Órama Corporate Services, your Pan African management company headquartered in Mauritius announces the official launch of their new office and presence in the bustling city of Sandton, Johannesburg – South Africa. The decision to expand its operations to South Africa’s economic powerhouse has enormous benefits both for the company and its clients at large.

This expansion presents an opportunity for growth and profitability. Sandton is one of the most prosperous areas in South Africa and accommodates several multinational conglomerates. This new office will provide Órama access to a wide range of potential clients and markets, thereby broadening our business portfolio. It gives us the opportunity to mitigate the potential risks associated with a stagnant market. It also sets in motion our long-term plans to expand into new markets and serve clients better.

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“South Africa and Mauritius share a very special relationship from time immemorial and we are very excited about this great news as we have been planning and expecting this for a long time. We know the South African terrain and market very well as most of our team members visit on several occasions to service our clients amongst other purposes. Our office is also strategically located in the prime area in the heart of Sandton with close proximity to the Gautrain station, the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel and the Nelson Mandela Square which is amongst the safest areas and easily accessible to our clients and employees. South Africa has one of the busiest and developed international airports (O. R. Tambo International airport) with great connectivity and serves as a major transit point for most of our clients who are traveling to various jurisdictions and that enables clients connecting flights to easily and quickly stop over at our office to discuss business” … says Keseena Chengadu, CEO of Órama Corporate Services.

Most importantly our clients will benefit from the expansion, both in terms of services and convenience. Sandton is a focal point for international business in Africa, and the launch of a new office creates a stronger local connection and enhances our relationship with domestic clients. It is an opportunity for clients to communicate with our professional’s face to face rather than online or via mail. They will enjoy a more personalized experience while Órama can tailor its services more effectively to each client’s individual needs.

In addition, the expansion to South Africa opens up a range of new opportunities for our clients, allowing them access to potentially lucrative new markets. Mauritius has always been the gateway to Africa and our presence on ground means clients who wish to expand operations in South Africa can also rely on us for first-hand experience on regulatory structures. A company that is managed in a country with an excellent economic reputation and expanding into another prosperous territory immediately gains more credibility in those markets. This will provide clients with a broader reach and potentially bolster their future growth trajectories.

Furthermore, this allows Órama access to a larger pool of talents, which can lead to the incorporation of newer technologies and more experienced staff. Since Sandton is a hotspot for African trades and industries, the new office will allow the company to recruit diverse talents with extensive experience with knowledge of the African markets. This, in turn, is expected to lead to the development of new cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions beneficial to our clients, setting the company apart from its competitors.

Órama Corporate Services (“Órama”) is a management company licensed by the financial service commission of Mauritius-the regulatory authority of corporate entities in Mauritius. Management Companies (MCs) are service providers which help businesses to grow internationally by using Mauritius as an efficient platform. – Órama has a strong Pan-African leadership accompanied with a vision dedicated to helping businesses in Africa and take advantage of Africa’s very own reputable International Financial Center- Mauritius. The island enables a sustainable business growth and efficiently, to different jurisdictions tax efficiently, courtesy of the Several double taxation avoidance treaties and Investor Protection Agreements that Mauritius has in place as well as the sophisticated tax regime, presence of internationally recognized financial institutions, strong banking infrastructure and its internationally compliant regime amongst others. These advantages enable investors in Africa to easily access capital and business support through a number of investment vehicles and regulatory policies conducive to thrive businesses.

Órama has a vision of how businesses should grow in the 21st century, and shares the belief that people, entrepreneurs and corporations are the tools the world needs to build true sustainability. We are working to build a free-trade continent that can regain its influence within global markets, and provide its entrepreneurs, companies and investors with the opportunities to thrive and shape a prosperous future.

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