Welcome to the world of LOMA, a luxury brand that has set a new standard for automotive design and manufacturing. Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 1st, 2008, LOMA has risen to become a major player in the automotive aftermarket industry. Despite facing several challenges along the way, LOMA has remained steadfast in its commitment to

creating high-quality luxury goods with Motorsports DNA. This article will explore LOMA’s achievements, successes, and future goals.

LOMA: The Resilience and Innovation of a Luxury Brand

A Legacy of Passion and Design Excellence

The brand was founded by Mario Radosavljevic, a passionate designer with a vision to create the ultimate in luxury automotive goods. From its earliest days, LOMA faced many challenges, including the global financial crisis. However, LOMA persevered and emerged stronger than ever before.


Despite the challenges, LOMA has achieved significant milestones in the automotive aftermarket industry. In 2009,

the brand collaborated with Corvette Europe to create a widebody kit for C6 models. This achievement revolutionized the way body kits were made in the automotive aftermarket industry, and the kit became a massive success among Corvette enthusiasts. In 2017, LOMA took another bold step by opening a factory in Marbella, Spain, to produce fully customizable flow-form wheels. The wheel’s success was so significant that even the Austrian TUV gave a certificate of approval for it. This achievement allowed the brand to diversify its offerings and enter a new market segment.


In 2018, LOMA achieved another milestone by opening the LOMA Group Monaco in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This step allowed LOMA to become a global brand with operations in Europe, North America, and Asia. Despite facing another challenging time with the Covid outbreak in 2019, LOMA managed to stabilize its brand and secure jobs for employees by moving its operations to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Since being in Dubai, the company has diversified its offerings by moving into new directions, including custom forged wheels, body kits, and complete cars, such as the LOMA BF1 G800 Mercedes G63 AMG widebody.

LOMA: The Resilience and Innovation of a Luxury Brand

Future Goals

With a new base in Dubai, LOMA is poised to take advantage of the region’s growth and stability in the Middle East to bring the brand to a whole new level. The company plans to launch a new flow-form collection, new Limited Edition cars based on Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari, and conquer the new AI tools for a new and better interior experience coming on the market from smart cars.


LOMA has shown resilience and innovation in the face of challenges. The company’s achievements in the automotive aftermarket industry and the opening of factories and operations in different countries have contributed significantly to its success. As LOMA continues to grow and expand into new areas, we can expect to see more exciting developments from this innovative and passionate brand.