Heathrow passengers are experiencing delays due to a combination of staff shortages and strong winds, leading to temporary restrictions on the number of planes landing or taking off.

These restrictions have now been lifted after a day of disruptions, with the UK’s air traffic services provider NATS attributing the limitations to “staff absence and strong winds.”

While Heathrow Airport warned of “minor” changes to schedules, they did not specify the exact number of affected journeys. British Airways also acknowledged making “some adjustments to our short-haul schedule,” impacting approximately 175 short-haul flights landing at Heathrow daily.

Travelers expressed their frustration on social media platforms, with concerns about missing connecting flights and reports of hours-long delays. Passengers were advised to check with their respective airlines for the latest information on their flights.

NATS, facing recent criticism for disruptions at UK airports, cited “short notice staff absence in the tower” and strong winds as the reasons for the restrictions.

The air traffic services provider emphasized its efforts to minimize disruption in collaboration with Heathrow airport and airlines, apologizing for any inconvenience caused.

British Airways assured affected customers that they had been contacted with apologies and offered rebooking options or a full refund.

Heathrow Airport encouraged passengers to stay updated by checking with their airlines for the latest information, emphasizing their commitment to working closely with airline and air traffic control partners to ensure safe and swift journeys.

Last updated: 20 November 2023