Gaza Medics Speak Out: Israeli Troops Accused of Assault and Humiliation Following Hospital Raid

Palestinian medical staff in Gaza have told they were blindfolded, detained, forced to strip and repeatedly beaten by Israeli troops after a raid at their hospital last month.

In a distressing turn of events, Gaza medics have come forward with alarming allegations of mistreatment at the hands of Israeli troops following a recent raid on a hospital in the region. The harrowing accounts detail acts of violence, humiliation, and intimidation perpetrated against healthcare workers who were striving to provide essential medical assistance amidst escalating tensions in the area.

“Clothes are not immediately returned to the detainees, due to the suspicion they may conceal means that can be used for hostile purposes (such as knives). Detainees are given back their clothes when it’s possible to do so.”

Medical staff said that they were then taken into a hospital building, beaten, and then transported to a detention facility, all while undressed.

Details of the Incident:

According to testimonies from Gaza medics, the incident unfolded when Israeli troops stormed Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip under the pretext of conducting a security operation. However, instead of focusing solely on their purported objectives, the troops allegedly subjected hospital staff to a campaign of abuse and harassment.

Medics recount being forcibly removed from their duties, physically assaulted, and subjected to degrading treatment by Israeli soldiers. Reports indicate that several healthcare workers sustained injuries during the raid, further exacerbating the strain on an already overwhelmed healthcare system grappling with the aftermath of recent hostilities in the region.

Accounts of Abuse:

Speaking on condition of anonymity due to fears of reprisal, one medic described the ordeal as “terrifying and dehumanizing,” recounting how Israeli troops barged into the hospital with no regard for the sanctity of medical facilities or the safety of healthcare personnel.

“We were beaten, shoved, and insulted by the soldiers,” the medic revealed, adding, “Our uniforms, symbols of our commitment to saving lives, offered no protection against the brutality inflicted upon us.”

Response from Human Rights Organizations:

The allegations of mistreatment have sparked outrage and condemnation from human rights organizations, who have called for an immediate investigation into the incident. Amnesty International and Physicians for Human Rights have urged Israeli authorities to uphold their obligations under international law and ensure the protection of medical personnel and facilities in conflict zones.

In a statement issued in response to the allegations, an Amnesty International spokesperson stated, “The reported assault on Gaza medics is a grave violation of human rights and must be thoroughly investigated. Hospitals and medical staff must be safeguarded from harm and allowed to carry out their lifesaving work without fear of reprisal.”

Israeli Response:

Israeli authorities have yet to respond to the specific allegations leveled against their troops, citing ongoing security operations in the region. However, they have reiterated their commitment to maintaining security and order in Gaza, emphasizing the complex challenges posed by the volatile situation along the border.


The disturbing accounts emerging from Gaza shed light on the precarious conditions faced by medical personnel working in conflict zones, where their commitment to saving lives often exposes them to grave risks and dangers. As calls for accountability and justice grow louder, the international community must stand in solidarity with Gaza medics and reaffirm the sanctity of medical neutrality in times of conflict.

Published: 12th March 2024

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