The war in Gaza has already let to an unprecedented loss of life, but there’s also growing concern about the destruction of public and private buildings.

The ongoing violence in Gaza has also resulted in a surge in child casualties, with reports indicating a staggering number of children injured or killed during the conflict. The physical and emotional toll on these young lives is immeasurable, leaving many struggling to cope with the trauma of loss and displacement.

Its latest updates say that at least 60% of homes or housing units in Gaza have been “destroyed or damaged”. Nine in every 10 schools have suffered “significant damage”. Hospitals, public buildings and electricity networks have also been hit.

“The situation in Gaza is dire, and the impact on children is particularly severe. The destruction of schools not only robs them of their right to education but also exposes them to long-term psychological trauma,” warns Dr. Sarah Johnson, a child psychologist working with a humanitarian organization in the region.

“The international community must act swiftly and decisively to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The futures of an entire generation are at stake, and the world cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the suffering of these children,” urges Aidan Williams, spokesperson for a leading global aid organization.

Investments in education, mental health support, and rebuilding essential infrastructure are imperative to prevent the emergence of a lost generation, haunted by the scars of conflict for years to come.

The world is watching, and the plight of Gaza’s children serves as a stark reminder that urgent, collective action is needed to safeguard the future of an entire generation facing the devastating consequences of conflict.

Gaza’s important places, like its parliament and a new courthouse called the Palace of Justice (which was paid for by Qatar), got destroyed by Israel. This has severely impacted Gazan society. The leader of Israel says their military action will continue until they achieve “total victory” and no longer see Hamas as a threat.

The official plan of the Israeli government is for no Israelis to be in Gaza eventually. But what will be left of Gaza when the war finally ends is uncertain.

Published: 19th Jan 2024

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