Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has announced his engagement to long-time partner Jodie Haydon. The announcement came as a delightful shock to the public and political circles alike, as the couple had kept their relationship relatively private until now.

Mr Albanese, 60, and Ms Haydon, 45, met at a business dinner in Melbourne in 2020.

He is the first Australian leader to get engaged while in office.

The Prime Minister took to social media to share the joyous news, posting a heartwarming photo of him and Haydon with matching smiles and a sparkling engagement ring adorning her finger. The caption read, “Thrilled to announce that Jodie said yes! Looking forward to this new chapter together.”

Their relationship has been marked by a balance of privacy and public appearances, with Haydon often accompanying the Prime Minister to official events and functions.

The news of their engagement has sparked a wave of congratulatory messages from across the political spectrum and the Australian public. Colleagues and friends of the couple have expressed their happiness for the pair, highlighting their compatibility and the strength of their relationship.

Mr Albanese has a son, 23-year-old Nathan Albanese, with former New South Wales deputy premier Carmel Tebbutt, whom he separated from in 2019 after 19 years of marriage.

The engagement comes at a significant time for the Prime Minister, as he continues to navigate the challenges of leading the nation through unprecedented times. However, the announcement has served as a reminder of the importance of love and companionship, even amidst the rigors of political life.

As the nation eagerly awaits further details about the upcoming nuptials, the focus remains on celebrating this joyful moment for the Prime Minister and Jodie Haydon. With their shared commitment to each other and their dedication to serving the country, their union promises to be a beacon of hope and positivity for Australians everywhere.

The pair kept a low profile in the early days of their relationship, before Ms Haydon joined Mr Albanese on the campaign trail in 2022, and on his international trips as prime minister since.

Published: 15th Feb 2024

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