Israeli President Isaac Herzog has expressed strong support for Israel’s military operations in Gaza.

In a recent BBC interview, he emphasized that Israel is committed to minimizing civilian casualties and stressed that no one wishes for women and children to suffer the consequences of the conflict.

President Herzog mentioned that Israel faces a formidable adversary, Hamas, which he accused of carrying out shocking atrocities.

He highlighted the necessity of targeting Hamas’s infrastructure, citing their use of civilian structures for launching rocket attacks. Israel, he noted, takes action when it identifies terrorists attempting to harm or launch attacks against its citizens.

President Herzog acknowledged concerns from Israel’s Arab neighbors and Western allies about rising civilian casualties and reiterated the importance of protecting Israeli citizens.

Regarding warnings from the United States to exercise caution, President Herzog defended Israel’s actions, asserting that caution cannot be solely measured in numbers.

He also mentioned ongoing efforts to coordinate humanitarian aid with the US, UK, and other Western allies.

On the topic of the Gaza conflict’s impact on civilians, he denied reports of ongoing bombings in southern Gaza, where many Gazans had evacuated from the northern part of the territory following Israeli warnings.

President Herzog clarified that Israel does not target hospitals and addressed the issue of more than 200 hostages held by Hamas, emphasizing the importance of bringing them home.

However, he noted that Israel had not received any substantial proposals during intense negotiations mediated by Qatar.

He described the deep emotional impact and trauma experienced by the Israeli people due to the conflict, affecting their perspective on the future and their trust in others. President Herzog acknowledged that the situation had prompted a reassessment of Israel’s beliefs and trust in international relations.

Last Updated: 01 November 2023